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listen to more music.


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shy has written 8 entries about this goal

mission complete

i now listen to more music then i can handle. :)

so for now, i think i’ll move this over to the ‘been there done that list’.

Just Breathe - revisited

true, it was the theme song for mitsibushi car commercial a few years back…

but this song is a typical fave of mine. the deep house base and soft, trance-like vocals is exactly what i need as i sit here on a saturday morning, drinking tea after having poached eggs on whole wheat toast, just chillin’ and totally not rushing through the morning…



we were at our friends’s, steve & sandra’s, house for dinner a couple of weeks ago.

steve had this brilliant house mix playing on his mac… i asked him what it was and he pointed me to

i’m looking forward to playing this tonight on my laptop while i fold my laundry. well… not looking forward to doing laundry. but listening to music while working always makes the time pass quickly.

KT Tunstall

Suddenly I See

Her face is a map of the worldIs a map of the worldYou can see she’s a beautiful girlShe’s a beautiful girlAnd everything around her is a silver pool of lightThe people who surround her feel the benefit of itIt makes you calmShe holds you captivated in her palm

Suddenly I seeThis is what I wanna beSuddenly I seeWhy the hell it means so much to me

my recent tunes have been KT Tunstall’s “Eye to the Telescope”.

wonderful and mostly very mellow.

wisemen - james blunt

Look who’s alone now,It’s not me. It’s not me.Those three Wise Men,They’ve got a semi by the sea.Got to ask yourself the question,Where are you now?

i’m loving james blunt. i’ve had this album for awhile but never really gave much time to listen to it.

am totally loving ‘wisemen’. very much my type of music.


I noticed tonightThat the world has been turningWhile I’ve been stood here dithering aroundWhile I know I said I’d wait around till you need me,But I have to goI hate to let you down

But I can’t stop nowI’ve got troubles of my ownBecause I’m short on timeI’m lonely and I’m too tired to talk

- ‘can’t stop now’ by keane.

am loving this album. especially the above song. i play it over and over again.

i’ve always been that way though… even as a teen. if i loved a song, i would actually play it over and over again until the 45 (yes i am that old) single became warped, or i found myself needing a break.

i would memorize lyrics from an entire album from any given band that was one of my top faves at the time.

now, i’m lucky enough to know a whole chorus.

retro nights

i’ve been revisting some of my old tunes. mainly from my highschool years.

ahh… it feels good. i use to spend sometime each evening, after all chores have been completed, infront of my computer this way. i would change into my p-jamma’s, light some candles, and listen to my tunes.

and then i would write with such energy and passion… clicking away at the keyboard and filling my online web diary with recent events. all with a creative twist, for the most part.

music definitely is important in my life. i’ve completely forgotten this philosophy, as it does truely feed and push my creative soul.

of course, as of lately, who can blame me? my days are mostly taken up from tunes of the wiggles and barney.

whistle while you work...

isn’t it strange how some people have to make time for music? when music can always be played while doing the dishes, cleaning or working?

today, while working, i plugged my ear pieces and played my mp3’s through the computer.

it’s such a simple concept. i don’t know why i never do it. plug… and play.

i listened to a bit of Keane and Coldsplay.



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