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Enjoy this Summer by having at least one "new and fulfilling" experience in June, July, and August

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my august

camping in presqu’ile… i’ve been there before, but never with both doug and chaeli. nor my good friends, cathy, greg and their little one, miyoko.

within this trip were MANY new and fulfilling experiences, such as:

-sitting on the rocky shores with good friends, watching the sun set and the moon come up

-seeing bats fly from tree to tree over my head

-sitting around the campfire with good friends, while the kids sleep in the tent, taking a few swigs of a single-malt scotch

-eating grilled veggies cooked over the campfire, then drizzled with balsamic vinegrette and tosssed with goat feta cheese cubes (this alone was VERY fulfilling)

-waking up at 5:30 to head to the washroom all by myself! it was light enough but people were still asleep, so still somewhat scary – but i did it none-the-less

-watching chaeli’s face light up with excitement as she got a change to touch the tail of a baby, garter snake

looking forward to more camping trips like these.

my july

unfortunately, my july has been extremely busy. the only thing i could think of as my fulfilling, new experience… happens to be a very selfish one.

july has been the month where i reached new goals in yoga. a VERY first for me. my atheletic history has been mainly activities that are fast past. competitive. so trying to grasp the idea of yoga has been very challenging. it’s just so different!

i now have improved my breathing technique. and for the first time since i was much, much, MUCH younger, i’ve actually improved my flexibility this month. to the point where i can bend over with my chest against my thighs, my back still straight and my knees just slightly bent, but near straight.


on father’s day, we took our daughter (almost 2.5 yrs old) swimming for the very first time! i had bought her a two piece, finding nemo bathing suit. the bottom was like a skirt. she loved it!

not long after i put it on, she went to look at herself in the mirror. with a big smile, she said, “dress! pretty!”

the pool was a big deal for her. her first reaction was excitement but as she neared the edge of the water, the excitement soon turned to fear.

we spent a good 10-15 minutes with her just sitting at the edge, dipping her feet as my husband and i took turns showing her summersaults and backwards flip in the water.

she was both at awe and a little nervous. “oh! look daddy! wait, daddy! come back… no! come back!”

i think she was afraid something would happen to us.

after her initial timidness, my husband was able to lift her off and into his arms, where she spent the next 10 minutes giving him a death grip!

not too long after that, she realized the joy of the buoyancy and was able to just hang on with one hand.

it was an incredible first-time we shared with her as a family.

and truely a wonderful way to spend father’s day!

a new challenge!

well, with our busy schedule, this is definitely going to be a challenge. but it does sound like one worthwhile doing!

hmm… and now to get my brain cranking on some ideas…

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