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Making Progress on Filing

I did finish one box of files, and very little of it was things I needed to keep. Now, just one box to go to mark this goal as finished!

January Sub-Goal

is to clean off my desk and unpack at least one of the boxes from the old file cabinet. Even more important sub-goal is to find the title to the car, which we want to trade it and the license plate on it expires on January 20.

Found More Boxes

That I need to sort out. Not surprised. One of them is almost finished though! It contained primarily old receipts so was fairly easy to file away.

I'm Making Some Progress (Finally)

I emptied out the last file cabinet drawer of mine left in Lakewood. Turned out is contained mostly very old checking statements (from the 90s!) and correspondence from my kids’ schools. So this was an easy drawer to deal with, except for tearing up all the old checking information, since we don’t have a shredder.

Now, all I have to get this goal done is to sort out one and a half moving boxes of paper already in Reno. I’m pretty sure these boxes contain a lot of obsolete stuff too, it’s just a question of getting myself psyched up to tackle the challenge.

More Old Files

needing to be sorted out. I found another box of paper that’s been sitting there for over a year! My goal is to go through it this week. If I haven’t missed it in a year, it should be pretty easy, right?

Shredding Day

Our credit union had a shredding company come to the bank today, and we dropped off quite a bit of paper to be shredded.

Progress on this goal is slow, but it’s good to get rid of the out-dated paper!

Still Sorting....

The file cabinet is in Reno, but I have a bunch of un-filed paper still at the old house. I’m trying to sort through it, so I don’t move more stuff that I just end up throwing away.


I’ve made my way through the half-box, so I have just two moving boxes left to go!

I Need to Sort and Purge My Files

I’ve moved most of my files now, but didn’t get a chance to purge the outdated stuff in them before I moved. I’ve already gone through some of them so far, but I have two and a half moving boxes left to sort through. Whew! It’s a lot, but needs to be done before we can move on with our tax preparation.

I’m resolved to go through the files before just sticking them back in my file cabinet. I think when I’m done, I’ll actually have extra room left in the file cabinet.

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