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research calorie and nutrient content in foods I eat

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pretty much done with this for now, going to increase my calcium intake this month with lots of soymilk, and trying really hard to not have to eat fish. been craving steak a little bit but have been ok without it; i’ve been needing lots of protein, and am going to try tons of black beans this month for it. i wonder if it’s really possible to be healthy without eating fish or eggs. i prefer fish over eggs b’c i frig *(that means pulling up mucous from my stomach) up the eggs right after eating them (even though they’ve been cooked). they make me gag (actually, not like a valley girl)


this website has a lot about nutrient information


found a good site for the calorie calculating. . .

havent found anything as easy for the nutrient content


Guess I’ll try this anyway, if I try it for a year and it seems to have no effect then I’ll just focus on increased exercise (not that I wont also be doing that now)

1. mashed potato (1/3 cup) = 66 calories
2. coconut milk (1 cup) = 552 calories
3. almonds (1/3 cup) = 270 calories
4. walnuts (1 oz) = 130 calories
5. brazil nuts(6) = 137 calories
6. iceberg lettuce(1 cup) = 6 calories
7. green beans(1/2 cup) = 20 calories
8. beets(1/2 cup) = 35 calories
9. tomato sauce(1/4 cup) = 20 calories
10. golden raisins(1/4 cup) = 130 calories
11. pecans(1 cup chopped) = 822 calories
12. refried beans(1/2 cup) = 120 calories
13. canned tuna(1/4 cup) = 70 calories


I dont believe all tomatoes have the same amount of vitamin A
I dont believe it’s as simple as calories.
what does the speed of light from the sun have to do with calories? what about auric light? what if my problems arent diagnosable on a physical level?

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