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get in touch with people I have lost touch with

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Old Friends

This past summer was one of my very best, and I think ‘getting in touch/keeping in touch’ with people was one of the reasons. Because I reached out to people, I found myself tapped into a great network and I did fun things that I would have never done otherwise.

From now on, I’m going to send the occasional email to friends I haven’t heard from, keep this good vibe going…

Camping reconnnection

Last weekend, I went on a camping trip with a big group. Just before I left, I received an email from a friend who I hadn’t heard from in about six months. I replied and then met up with her on the camping trip. We discovered by accident that we both have a passion for the stars and constellations. We spent some time stargazing together and plan to do some more of this in the late summer and fall. Also got an evite to her birthday party!

Dog Park Friends

Last night, my dog and I stopped by our old dogpark hangout and discovered that a group of small dogs (with their humans) still meets there on weekend evenings and in another park on weekday mornings. I got back in touch with two old friends (and my dog rediscovered some friendships as well!). I’m going to start going to the park when I can, and hanging out with them.

Reaching out x 7

This weekend, I met up with seven people I’ve been out of touch with. Two of them popped back into my life by accident! I can’t help but wonder if by reaching out, I’m sending some kind of message to the universe that I’m open to hearing from old friends. I had a blast hanging out and catching up with their lives. It gave me a good feeling – I guess it’s the sense that some things don’t change, some friendships are just burning embers, waiting to be fanned to flame. Also, by meeting up with old friends, I met two new people who are potential new friends!

Reaching out...

My goal is to reach out to at least five people I haven’t been in touch with and meet up with them for coffee or lunch this summer.

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