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Explorer Soul has written 2 entries about this goal

Ideas, ideas...

keep coming to me. I really should have a place to jot them down.

This has never been a pressing goal but more something I felt I could work on at my leisure. I have been thinking about organizing my ideas more concretely, drawing up a format and what I would like in the issues. This is a fun project for me, and I should start working on it a little bit at a time. I had written things down in the past, but now the ideas mostly play out in my head. Many ideas inspire me but I don’t feel I can proceed with them until this becomes more serious.

What would you do if money wasn't an issue?

If someone had asked me this question or something similar, I’m not sure I could clearly think of an answer. But I have realized that more recently, one of the things I can think of is the magazine idea. It is something that right now has no deadline and that I see as a longer-term, ongoing project, but I have had various article ideas come to mind over time that I wish I could work on. It is just something I feel inspired and excited about, and I think it is a combination of it being creative, of exploring different topics of interest or importance. I like the idea of traveling to a place and writing about it or a situation there, or interviewing one or many people and writing about them. At this point it is one of the few things I could think of doing if I had nothing limiting me, and maybe I need to be paying closer attention to it for that reason.

I’m not sure when this idea of creating a magazine came to mind, but it has been a while, probably a good two years or so at least.
Maybe one day I could focus on this more attentively.

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