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I tried doing picture-a-day challenges and what I came to realize is I can’t handle them. It’s too forced. To take more pictures, I need to travel, go places I’m not quite comfortable, and see things I’m not sure I’m going to see again any time soon. It’s worth the time and effort.

My digital camera broke!

Oh no! Though, at almost four years old, it’s had a good life. I also think I know what my parents are getting me for Christmas now, due to my prodigious complaining and them missing getting pictures of my silly dog on a regular basis.


I started a flickr account to keep track of my photos. I could easily host them all on my own server, but something about leaving them floating around in the public actually inspires me to take more (and better) pictures. They miraculously also appear in my 43T profile!

I want to get my film camera fixed (the shutter sticks – it’s an old-ish Canon SLR), but I feel like the money would probably be better invested in a new digital SLR ($$$ – sadface).

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