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who am i?

most days when i look in the mirror and get ready for the day, i am not quite sure of who i see. over the past 3+ years i have some how lost myself. i went from being a “free spirited child”, going to school, have lots of fun with no responsibilities to a wife and mom. which is so easy to try and accomplish what society thinks that you should be.

now don’t get me wrong i LOVE LOVE my husband and my children, but i feel that i have focused so much on the mom and wife role that i have neglected me. i feel that i don’t know who i am anymore. i look back on pictures and see how much fun i used to have… the expressions are written all over my face. i haven’t looked that happy in years. when i go through my CD’s i think to myself… i wonder how many new albums this band has released, or i wonder if this band is still together, or i haven’t been to a concert in eons! the same goes for TV/ movies. i can’t remember what the last movie i saw in the theater was, and if the tv show isn’t on nick jr then i don’t know anything about it. i wonder if this author has written anything new…ect.

i need to start a blog/ list about things that i discover about me… both good and bad so that i can help find myself.

i don’t want 10 more years to come and go… and then i am going to be a complete stranger to everyone. my husband has already made a few comments about how i don’t do anything for me, and how i don’t look happy. i am happy… i love my kids and husband…. i just don’t know who i am outside of the wife and mom role.


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