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Try new recipes.

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vinegar roast

pot roast,.5 c vinegar, .25 c soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. Brown meat, add the rest and cook for 1.5 to 2 hrs. mmmmm – husband AND oldest liked it too. Need to keep an eye on the liquid level and add water as needed.

Glazed Pork chops

mmmmm, pretty good – probably needed a bit longer to thicken the gaze, but it was pretty good. I’ll make it again. And I tried a new brownie recipie, but it wasn’t as good as my regular so I’ll not be doing that one again.

New cookbook

has led to lots of new trials. Sugar cookies and Chicken Picata being the two most memorable.

bleu cheese crusted steak

Wow – that steak was expensive but mmmmmmmmm-good. I would not classify myself as a steak lover. I never order it at a restaurant and only eat it when there are no other choices. But wow this was really good. Maybe I’ve just never bought expensive enough cut? My husband was suitably impressed and pleased with the effort.

Chicken Cattiatore

I’ve actually made this before, but not in a very long time and this is a diff recipie. Was good, not excellent, but good. How can you go wrong with tomatoes and chicken?

Pecan Bourbon Chicken

very good, husband liked it too. Was too sweet though – by the end it was too much. Next time less sugar. Will definetly repeat.

One new per month

I get it such a rut in so many area’s of my life. This is one. Keep cooking the same stuff. Uhg. I like cooking and so you wouldn’t think this would be so hard but I go in spurts trying new things then nothing.

I commit to trying one new recipie per month. It’s not much – just have to remember to do it!

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