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Inline skate a marathon

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it rained

It rained the day of the skate and I decided I was ill prepared to attempt it especially in those conditions. This isn’t a priority for me now – probably will not happen in 2008 either.

OMG - it's only a few weeks away

So, the people who put this on graciosly changed my entry to 2007 because I had an conflict in 2006. The didn’t need to do that but did anyway. Nice. Unfortunately, I’m not 30 pounds heavier – eeeek, and WAY out of shape. Somehow in my mind I still think I’m going to do this. Hmmmm, Tough or Insane? Maybe both?


I just registered for St Paul Inline Marathon in Aug.

I’m comitted now – go me!
There’s still snow/ice all over and will be for a while. Will probably not skate train until May. I’ve got all summer – shouldn’t be a problem.


found Also found dates for three possible events. St Paul Aug 20, 2006, Northshore Sept 17, and Big Granite in Ashland June 18. Have to pick then plan a training schedule.

Two Harbors to Duluth

Route of the Grandma’s Marathon in MN. There is a rollerblade version on a different weekend. I don’t think my knees/ankles could take running a marathon but I do think I could train for a Rollerblade. I’ll have to get it on my calendar and set a schedule for training.

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