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It’s easy to forget the accomplishments of everyday life. Somedays it is an effort to just get through the day – or I get through OK but then feel depressed that I’m not working toward these big dreams/goals on my 43 list.

I choose not to forget that every day I:
get out of bed,
care for my children,
care for my home, car, and other posessions,
work for my employer,
maintain friendships,
love my God,
love my husband,
love my children,
love and care for myself

The actions that encompases these daily goals are wide and varied, and often dull (let’s face it – who get’s excited about accomplishing laundry?) These can undoubtedly be improved upon. But here’s a pat on the back to myself for doing them at all!

A year ago – I was in total just exist mode where every day was a struggle to accomplish the basics. I am now at a point where I’m taking on more and achieving at other goals as well, but if it comes down to it, live is my most basic goal.

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