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be proud of myself

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another proud of myself moment x2 in two days!

last night i felt proud of myself – the chairman and ceo of the company i work for came up to me and i asked for a hug (you don’t do this and i wasn’t drunk) and he gave me one. then he went on to rave about how he was in my corner, he loved my passion for music and my job, and that he was a big big big supporter of me and don’t i doubt it. anytime i needed anything, i was to give him a call and let him know, any time anyone was harrassing me – let him know and he’ll sort them out for me.
sidebar – guy with the most amazingly deep voice just brought me room service in the most glorious of hotel rooms! whee!

proud moment x 2 today – tool’s album went number 1. that is my second number one album this year based on a promo tour and band supporting their record with all the publicity that i’ve put into place. anyone that works in publicity knows how hard it is sometimes to slog away on projects that get no love, but to have westlife and tool go number one for me is just totally amazing. i am so good at what i do when i have time to focus on it and dedicate to it instead of being overloaded with other projects. it’s feeling good with P!NK here having arrived today for another week of promo, bring on my third number one album!


today i am proud of myself

i woke up with a mission to walk, and i did it. snaps to me.
oh, and i didn’t get cranky with anyone at work. well not really anyway. i made up with rob by inviting him to the record fair, so i think he forgives me for being pissed off about the augie march cd fiasco last friday. i didn’t spend any money as part of spend free days with shinyruby and yogagirl. i stuck to my food plan. i told my boss i had too many promo tours to handle (8 from january to may) so i had live taken away from me which is exactly what i wanted. jd thanked me for answering his call on the weekend about work and for reminding him about the simple things in life, like cleaning yr house and going food shopping.

so today i can say i am proud of myself. haven’t been able to say that for a while.

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