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Make Space, Make Space

I learn a lot. And sometimes having this goal is useful for posting things that I want to share, but that don’t have a home elsewhere.

But on a daily basis, the way this goal is set up isn’t quite working for me. So I’m marking it as done, and will only post new learned things to it as they come, rather than feeling guilty when I don’t have something for every day.

New Thing: October 25

Spent the morning learing about Rogallo wing design and the history of hang gliding. ‘Cause that’s useful information to my daily life.


Thank you Airship Ventures, for finally making commercial passenger blimps. You are my corporate heroes of the day.

New Thing: October 22

Yet another reason why Neil Patrick Harris is awesome

New Thing: October 19

I’m always excited about anything “bucky”. So this article on Practical Applications for Buckypaper has me all atwitter. I’m already planning my next blimp. ;)

New Thing: October 17

Someone told me today:

I DO call… And google chat, and mails, and texts, and videos. A bit of everything

Which brought up something I’ve actually been thinking about quite a bit myself recently—how we interact over different discursive environments, and the ideas behind transliteracy in general.

This article I think does a pretty good job at addressing some of the basic questions. It at least is giving me a piece of framework under which to start to examine my own personal experience, which has gotten significantly more diversified of late in itself.

New Thing: October 15

How do you feel about weather? How do you feel about astronomy?


Check out the weather on Saturn

New Thing: October 13

Free time at work today, I’m using it to discover different competing theories for Explaining biodiversity

New Thing: October 1

This morning I learned that apple-shift-4 will let you take a screen capture of part of the screen on a mac. What a handy new skill—I’m sure I will use this many times again.

(Thank you Mamabear for giving me something that I simply had to have pictures of!)

New Thing: September 28

Want. This. Cake.

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