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what is this i dont even

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I think I will stay in my pjs all day and blog from my bed.


Good plan.


this video

I’ve watched it about five times now. It fascinates me.

This evening

I don’t feel well (I think it might just be a hangover from an overexciting brunch) and I am hot and cold all at the same time.

So I have the apartment air conditioning on for my top half, and my little under-the-desk space heater to keep my feet warm.


I’m a little special.

I know

That this is vacation, and totally different from real life but omgandaflavorfulsauce I am so much happier in New York than Texas.

I just want to move home and stay. Why must I go back to That Place? I HATES IT.

I'm on a plane

And posting on 43.

The miracles of technology.

Now if only someone could do something about that screaming baby on the other side of the aisle.

Just lost two subscribers

In the last 10 minutes.

Maybe they didn’t like my awesome post.


Need some words of encouragement

Got any for me?

Overdid overdone

Home today. Long weekend without work, and I ran myself spoonless yesterday, and woke up in tears.

Before, when I was miserable all the time, I went to work feeling this bad, because what choice was there, tomorrow probably wasn’t going to be any better. Now, I stay home and cry and feel bad for myself, that I can’t just soldier on. I know other 30 year olds who are still in temp jobs, or who sell their body to medical experiments, and it doesn’t matter to anyone that they’re flaky and unreliable. But I went and got a real job, one that I’m good at when I’m there, and yet I can’t seem to be able to get it _quite _ together enough to be there as much as I should.

Don’t know what’s to be done for it. almost enough spoons for a normal life, and yet never quite, not really. Can’t clean and visit with a friend on the same day. Can’t skate and run errands. Can’t work and do anything else… My life gets backed up into weekends, and then when I have weekends, I run as hard as I can, and end up flat on my back.

Random Things

♥ Internet is out at home, so I am in a no-43 bubble, though I still love y’all and hope to be back soon. ♥ my downstairs neighbors flooded their apartment. ♥ The cat has fleas, and I have itchy ankles. This is no fun for either of us. ♥ I am at the Austin film festival this weekend, although so far I’ve been to too many panels and parties to make it to any actual films. ♥ Up until a few minutes ago, I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow, but I just remembered I have practice tomorrow morning at 7:30am; I am getting too old to be burning both ends of my candle this way. ♥ I love you all, each and every one of you. Except joe.

Overdid yesterday

An hour of synchro practice at 6am, and then all day spent at 6 flags amusement park, walking around, getting rained on, and getting seriously shooken up, turned upside down and sideways and yanked on in various directions by the coasters. Plus a sunburn, despite all the rain and clouds.

Woke up with a screaming charliehorse in the middle of the night, that would not work itself out, and even today is pulled-muscle sore.

Today I am spoonless. Bedbound and exhausted. Husband says “read a book”, but I’m feeling guilty for not having the energy to start a load of wash, or even take a shower. He’s gone for the day, and I am also feeling kind of lonely with my stuck-inside lack of’s beautiful out, and if I had the energy to do so, it would be a great day to walk to my local branch library, but I’m having trouble walking to the living room at the moment, so instead I stare out the lovely window and wish.

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