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smoliver138 in Terre Haute is doing 40 things including…

set up FLYlady routines

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On my death bed from strep...

Okay maybe a little dramatic but that’s what I feel like. My little boy was sick Friday and Saturday and then magically fine Sunday. The BAM! I get knocked on my ass from streph! I mean the whole sha-bang: scorching fever, sore throat, pain in my ears, body aches, chills and sweats, nausea, weakness, i couldn’t drag myself out of bed. And for all my girls who know – today was the first day of my new job! So of course I can’t call in my very first day. So I had to drag my raggedy body to work. And I was absolutely good for nothing. Went to the doctor and it was positive culture for streph meaning I have to make up the extra 45 minutes I added on my lunch to go. And I have to get my son some meds. I am dying here at work. I just want to go home so bad. Okay looking for silver lining here: 1. no one has been bothering me here at work since i’m infected – almost like i’m quarantined which i am just fine with. 2. my insurance paid for the penicilin shot so I should be better tomorrow (hurt like hell though). 3. my mom is going to fix my son dinner and buy me one of those lysol automatic things to disenfect my house. yeah – my grown butt was calling my mom crying like a baby because i feel so wretched! anywho. all 43Things goals and anything else in this world will be hold until i feel better.

well well

i have completely been unmotivated to the core lately. I have let my routines slip and have been overcome by chaos. im frustrated with my self because i was doing so well and then BAM! just stopped doing the things that were working…it’s time to get back on track again for the millionth time but not quite sure what my approach is going to be. hmmmmm…...

Fell off a little bit...

Been being a bit of a bum lately. With the long weekend, combined with not being home for a couple days and then good ole’ mother nature slamming me with wretched PMS (i hate being a female right now…) I have just totally slacked off all my routines and goals. So now that I’ve recognized and dont want to let this go too far and get too out of control I’m going to jump back in and get back on track. Maybe a little slower and less gun-ho. Even though I feel like laying on the couch with a heating pad and a bag of oreos, I’m going to force myself to do my routines because I know it will make me feel better plus my house is a diaster!!!

2/19 's goal for Monday

Create a realistic to-do list for tomorrow. I struggle with this one so much! I dont know why. But I need to get this one down. ugh. not much more to say. will start this one monday because tomorrow i celebrating valentines with my honey out of town. :) :) :)

2/16 TGIF!

Okay I’m going to add:

M – Check calendar and to-do list (that’s presuming I made one. I can not get that goal down and I need to really really badly)

E – Hang up our coats & put stuff away – We just usually come in and drop everything at the doorway and throw stuff on the coach and I take for ever to put this just bought away.

My babysteps for 2/15

2 of them. One for morning and one for evening.

Morning – Warm up car – this one is temporary for winter but when I forget to do this it makes me late for work and cold in the car. So until it warms up this is on my list.

Evening – Check mail & D’s backpack & handle papers immediately I’m very very very bad about this I need to get a hold on this badly.

from here....

Okay well I have successfully “completed” the basic “Flying” steps described in Flylady’s book but adapted them for me and mine and my interperations of them. Yay! Now…I know that the next chapter is dealing with clutter but I figure I judy started these basic 1/28/07. I need to get these down pat before I move on. So what I have decided is to add a couple of daily babystep basic that I feel is important for me and my family to make as habits. And while are 52 trillions things I would like to add, I’m just going to start with the basic – some that I already do and some I probably need to do to make life easier in the short and long run.
Here is my morning and evening routines that I have set up thus far just following the book:

Morning Mine – My Son

  • Wake up on time – Wake up son
  • Brush my teeth – D get dressed
  • Face care – D brush teet
  • Get dressed – D face care
  • Put on makeup – D put on carmex
  • Fix hair – Brush D’s hair
  • Put on Deodorant
  • Accessories check

Evening Routine

  • Put on Shoes
  • Lay out my clothes
  • Lay out D’s clothes
  • Shine sink
  • Give D bath
  • Moisturize D’s skin
  • D brush Teeth
  • Read D story
  • D in bed
  • Take my bath
  • Moisturize my skin
  • Brush my teeth
  • Wrap my hair
  • Go to bed at a decent hour

Alot of people probably think duh! this is stuff you do everyday anyway but for me making them a routine is already making such a more peaceful house for me. I still have a long way to go but getting these down makes me feel better.

makeup goal for 2/16

Okay so I’m up to: 3 steps which take about 1 minute. Now my goal for tomorrow is to put on foundation. This one is the one that takes the most time because you have to make sure it is blended correctly and have not too much but enough coverage. I have a really hard time with foundation because I cant find a color that matches my skin tone. It’s either to dark or too light. I’m exactly in between. If I good name my skin a color it would be Neutral with a little bit of yellow undertones. What I want to do is go to perscriptives and get the color matching services where they make the foundation to be exactly your skin color, tone, and finish. I think it’s expensive but it would be worth it to me. But in the mean time I will use what I have.
So my makeup routine for tomorrow will be foundation, curl lashes, mascara and carmex.

makeup goal

2/13: carmex did today.

adding curl eyelashes for tomorrow since that only takes about 10-20 seconds and wont look stupid with just carmex.

2/14: curled lashes and carmex

2/15: curl lashes, mascara, and carmex.
not feeling that pretty though. The dark circles and blemish on my face look horrific.

15th BabyStep - Do something to Make Me feel special - this one is from the book

This one is from the book. Do something to make your self feel special…uhh well i’m just going to interpet that as adding a little something when you get ready in the morning. Like putting on perfume or wearing some jewelry…I dunno but this will be my next for me. An accessories/perfume check.

For my son I will change this goal around a bit. I’ll make spend some special time with day. Each day is so busy and while I would like to be like those WONDERMOMS who get to play games and sing songs and have cuddle to and help with homework and cook fabolous creative delicious and look fabolous and keep the house sparkling and have awesome significant others that feel 100% adored and satisfied…whew…that’s not freakin’ reality. At least not for me. Just doing the basics are all I can manage right now. So (before I went off on my rant) I think my babystep for him to spend a little extra special time with him will be reading him a bedtime story. Tah-da :)

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