smoliver138 in Terre Haute is doing 40 things including…

Get all the laundry washed, clothes out of totes, and all put away


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smoliver138 has written 9 entries about this goal

Final Step - Come up with a washing schedule...

So it will never get that bad again…

Step 7 - Find something to do with the Totes

Don’t know where I’m gonna put these

Step 6 - Put all the clothes away

The end is near…

i have all the clothes put away that I did at the laundry mat. just need to put the clothes the were clean at home away.


Step 5 - Log the clothes back in house - Done!

The urge to leave them in the car will be great.
Again, I live upstairs – Ugh!

This was the worst part…so hard

Step 4 - Go to the laundry mat - Done!

1. Wash

2. Dry

3. Fold and Hang

4. Put in baskets

all done at the laundry mat after about 4 hours and $25 dollars plus the cost of new detergent and fab soft sheets

Step 3 - Load the clothes in my car

I live upstairs. This is going to suck.

Step 2 - Sort all the clothes in the House - Done!

I’ve kinda skipped step 1. I have all the clothes sorted in th house. It is ridiculous.

Step 1...Done-zo!

ugh! just looked outside and see tons of snow. i hate snow and the cold I dont want to go to my car. Waaaaaaaaannnnnhhhh!

Sucked it up and went outside and got the clothes out of the car

Step 1 - Done!

Get all the clothes out of my car! Yeah my car is gross…


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