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stop smoking

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smoked the last one...

i smoked my last cig fri 2/23. this weekend hasn’t been that bad i’ve had couple of moments where i’ve been like i want a cigarette. i’ve noticed it’s routine times like when i get in my car, after i eat. it sucked when i went into the gas station and the guy in front of me ordered my cigarettes and they where buy one get one free…but i just ignored it. been hitting the chewing gum pretty hard. one question though…can quitting cigarettes give you a RIDICULOUS headache? I woke up Saturday morning with a splitting headache and it is absolutely killing me! it still hasn’t went away no matter how many tablets i take…i can hardly stand it.

was told i HAVE to stop smoking for about a month

Well I took my physical today for my new job. Everything came back good except for my lung elasticity test. It came back a little weird so the doc wants me to stop smoking for a month and come back and do the test again. if i’m going to stop smoking for a month I might as well completely quit. I had planned on making my last day to smoke the 28th of Feb anyway. The only issue…I have half pack (10) cigarettes left and just cant see myself just throwing them away. I use to be an occasional/social smoker that turned into a full-time full-on smoker over the last year – year and 1/2. The addiction kind of crept up on me. I still only smoke an average 2-3 cigarettes a day depending on my stress or relaxation level but…when i’m really stressed or nervous i really crave them. i know starting a new position is definitely going to bring on that. sigh – no excuses, must quit but dont really have a plan of action right at this moment.

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