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get to work on time

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2/26 - 3/2

mon 2/26: 8:01 am – ugh that pisses me off more than being 10 minutes late… 0/1

tues 2/27: 8:05 am – stopped at mickey d’s why are they so slow… 0/2

wed 2/28: 8:01 AM – grr…. 0/3

thu 3/01:

2/20 - 2/23

Tue 2/20 – 8:04 am :(
Wed 2/21 – 7:58 am Yay! :)
Thu 2/22 – 8:06 am – was actually 20 minutes early but i decided to stop at coffee shop and chit chat with sis and made my damn self late…
Fri 2/23 – 8:01 am – damn it! so close…

So it looks like this wasn’t that good of a week. Was only on time one day. But the upside is I’m not as late as I use to be…under 10 minutes. Hopefully next week will be a better week.

2/12 - 2/16

Monday 2/12: early!!! 7:57 am (this NEVER happens :)
Tuesday 2/13: early!! 7:55 am (wow 2x!)
Wednesday 2/14: okay I didn’t to work until after 9 today but it was something I choose to do because we had a frickin’ blizzard yesterday….so im counting this as an excused late
Thursday 2/15: 8:03 am
Friday 2/16: early!! woowho! 7:59 am

Okay so I was on time 3/5 days this week and early each time. yeah! I haven’t been early since I first started. One day was late because the damn blizzard which I excuse my self for and then only 3 minutes late yesterday. Getting better but still not where I want to be yet. Monday’s a holiday so I’ll be off. (Yay!) So I’ll start again Tuesday.

week of 2/5 - 2/9

okay so this week 2 out of 5 days on time…so that’s like a D...not really that good. But 2 days I was SO close and the other time was less than 10 minutes late. Well monday starts as new week!

I was on time today!

I dont know the exact time today but I know I was there by 8am!

Monday 2/5 – on time! 1/1
Tuesday 2/6 – 8:01 damn almost. 1/2
Wednesday 2/7 – 8:09…shouldn’t have stopped & got bkfst 1/3
Thursday 2/8 – 8 am! yeah! 2/4
Friday 2/9 – 8:02 am so close 2/5

8:10 ish

Man I keep getting worse and worse as I “work” on this goal. My boss even said something today like “be on time tomorrow shawna…” I’ve got to make to work on time tomorrow. 0/3


Ugh. Later than yesterday…I even set my clothes out the night before. but i was so tired this morning stayed up way too late… 0/2


I hated getting up today – for some reason it felt like a Monday. Tried to make it to work on time. Only 3 minutes late. Definitely not bad but I really would like to be on time and then when that is mastered I’d like to be 5 minutes early. So I can settle in and stuff…but this is going to be hard because I am SOOOO not a morning person….

so for now i’m 0/1

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