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A hot dog cart in the neighborhood. This has been a fun goal and it has been lovely to see everyones photos. Thank ya’ll for posting them!

George Washington Bridge

On my way into the city this morning.

Apple Store

I love this store! Not only does it look cool but it is open 24 hours a day.

St. Patricks

St. Patricks Cathedral

Long Island Sound

My feet in the water.

The Met

I love the Met!Who doesn’t love the Met?


I could get to my friends house in 43 minutes if I really tried so I think this counts. This is the beach in front of her house.

The Empire State Building

As seen from The Top of the Rock


buildings in midtown

Tavern On The Green

This is a restaurant on the edge of Central Park. I have never been(I should go as part of my tourist thing-it seems touristy.)It is across the street from me and I took this when I was walking the dogs. The photo doesn’t do it justice-it is really quite pretty with all the little lights!

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