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my dad

This special gratitude is for my dad who died recently. He died peacefully in the night after a prolonged struggle with parkinson’s and other complications. When death finally arrived, it was a bit like a small period at the end of a long sentence – his life, a song that had gone silent before we realized it – who he was, his essence, his mind, had faded in the preceding months, while his body slowly deteriorated. I’ve known for some time that death is often not just a door, but a long, winding staircase whose final step in time is shrouded in mystery. I’m grateful that his last step from this earth was seemingly painless and arrived after a sleep that deepened beyond his ability to awaken. I’m grateful that the last words we spoke to one another while he was still lucid were “I love you”, and for his smiles when he wasn’t. I’m grateful that we did love each other despite differences that threatened to estrange us. I don’t really want to go into it too much more than this – but just to say, I’m truly grateful for my dad, for the man he was – complicated, witty, and ultimately kind – I do miss him.

local gratitudes

- another day
- the ability to recover
- small creatures
- time enough
- unexpected kindness
- pen and book
- sleep, finally
- music to watch the snow fall by


I am very grateful to live in a city with botanical gardens. This drawing was inspired by one of my recent visits. It’s especially nice in the winter, as often people don’t think of going then. Even though the outdoor gardens are mostly dormant and often hidden beneath the snow, the conservatory is still lush with exotic trees, flowers, and waterfalls—and it’s warm! And sometimes I’m the only one in there. It feels like I have a strange and wondrous garden all to myself and I’m lost in a world of enchanted proportions.


I’m not clever like magpies in blue, black, and white
I’m not bold like the crows who may pick a fight
I’m not soulful and wise like the owls in my dreams
nor graceful like swans who float down slow streams
I’m not like a robin song, sung red and brown
listening while insects crawl deep underground
or perching unnoticed tucked in between branches
watching the young squirrels take too many chances
nor quite like a pigeon up high on a wire
next to cool friends in a blue cooing choir
who peck at the easy meals down on the ground
oblivious to all the commotion around
I’m not like the eagles who soar to great heights
or songful like mockingbirds filling the nights
I don’t flaunt bright colors, as some that go by
like peacocks and parrots who dazzle the eye
I’m merely a human, quite average in fact
whose various virtues are quite inexact
I’ve no special powers or genius, I fear,
but I’m enjoying the birds and glad to be here.

personal math

I am grateful to have made it to now
eclipsed by a moment where
the sum total of my past
has become greater than my future

I am all of one piece, mostly –
not broken – minus some bruising
plus an old scar here, there
and there…

I am the addition, subtraction
and multiplication
in a changing equation
divided by the square root
of an imperfect reflection -

I am memory
fine-tuned by fuzzy logic
and a few unknown variables
in the logarithmic sea of time

I know no more
nor less than the present -
all my pasts belong to the wind
all possible futures but a continuum
unfolding before me
in an unknowable geometry
of an unexpected life

I am a relative particle
of an accidental singularity
in an infinite velocity

the new day dawns
I pour some tea
and tip my cup to the sun


Not long ago I was shopping at a market I don’t normally frequent. I had paused to buy some oranges when seemingly out of nowhere someone came up to me and handed me a white rose for no apparent reason. They then promptly disappeared before I could barely utter a startled “thank you”. So I took this fresh-cut flower home and placed it gently in a vase near the window. Over the next few days, it slowly opened, incrementally and beautifully, as only a rose can do, and every time I paused to admire it and appreciate its delicate scent, it made me smile and reflect gratefully on all the times I’ve been on the receiving end of an unexpected kindness. So here’s to all of you performing your random kind acts, small gestures, and thoughtful deeds out there – thank you, from someone you’ve affected and inspired.


musings on things to be grateful for

- uncertainty -
a necessary darkness and
the harbinger of possibilities
the element that makes
adventure exciting -
novelty enticing,
surprises surprising…
allows for creativity –
inspires courage
and clarity in the moment
encourages mindfulness and
the ability to seek serenity
within the unknowable

- doubt -
asks what’s behind the curtain
explore beyond the surface
don’t believe everything heard, said, read
wait… because things
are often not what they seem
take some time
to think things over
doubt is the gift that
makes room for the unknown

- boredom -
creative resistance
signals when I’m being lazy
protects me from utter inertia
a nudge that whispers – there’s more -
look more closely, get interested –
it is simply
the absence of distress
an invitation to rest
the peace of an inner silence that
beckons like
a calm, clear day.


grateful for:
- wonder -
the sounds of cities,
the quietude of mountains,
the restless sea,
an endless sky
ordinary days,
extraordinary dreams
myths, magic,
mystery and reality,
and a million stories unfolding
moment by moment
in this temporary awakening
on earth’s tiny sphere
swirled in a galaxy
of glittering stars…

sapphire light & dark

aka scratch-fire
fierce—and fiercely loyal
a feral rescue cat
whose leg was injured in the wild
wasn’t set exactly right when it healed…
she lives here now.
she’s a substantial animal–
muscular and lean
she likes to play rough -
purrs & growls as she pleases
and when she jumps in my lap
contentedly flexing her sharp claws
I imagine this might be what it’s like
to hold a mountain lion…
then we look at each other and
exchange a slow wink
and I’m grateful for her,
my sapphire light & dark.

peaceful moments

summery spring mornings
a cup of tea
a light cool breeze
the sound of birds

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