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where daydreaming becomes miraculous confidence

Most of the things on my list add up to my desire. Rescuing bunnies, having developed poise, and getting my lip pierced really helped. There are so many other things I see on other people’s lists that I can do, which I take for granted.

For instance, I’m ambidextrous. That’s cool! Although a little confusing at times. I’m an exceptional tarot reader and birth chart interpreter. I’m becoming more aware of my options when it comes to grocery shopping for organic and fair-trade and free range foods.

Then there are things I wouldn’t add to this list. Like overly emotional goals… I hide them, if there are any. Then there are those many wishes for becoming fluent in 8 languages. And all the little things, the small ideas to implement over time, on a daily basis, those kind of changes. My list would balloon to hundreds of things, but they’re still things I want to do! And in some way, it affects my confidence to leave those things out – I suppose I could author more lists. I need to see how much I accomplish…

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