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Continue my weight loss programme

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12 weeks finished

I lost 3 lbs in 12 weeks – a very poor effort on my part. At this rate I will need a tummy tuck!

I did start going to ab fit classes but even those I have missed due to work commitments.

My boss suggested getting on to this machine that tones all your core muscles but its £25 pws. I could afford it but its the journey each week to do it that’s the snag.

Shame on me!

I haven’t been to class for weeks because I’ve not been Able to get away from work to attend them regularly enough.

The weight loss challenge

I am in week 4 of the challenge. So far I’ve lost 3 inches in total and 1.13% body fat.
Very pleased with myself but can see I will need to rectify the loose skin changes in my arms and legs and my overflowing muffin top well I hope I can tone it into shape because I sure don’t fancy a nip and tuck :(


Today I will write my 90 day weight loss challenge.

change of title

from Start a weight loss programme
Continue my weight loss programme

STAY FOCUSED!!! Calculate the benefits of your improvements


I’m really good with my food because I havent eaten processed/ convienience foods for a long time. I dont think food is a big problem of my weight.

I will need to keep a food diary for a week just to see where I’m going wrong and tackle it head on.

I plan to do a detox when times aree right to do it.

In the meantime I’m going to sort out meals that are light and healthy to eat, Ive seen some on the M&S ads that I like the look of as we dont have one locally then Im going to find recipes that match and cook them myself. I have a box of special K in the cupboard so better get a strat on that and see what this special K plan is all about.

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