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soundoftrees in Australia is doing 14 things including…

develop ravishing confidence (that has backbone)

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go team!

This morning I saw a photo for lingerie football and was wondering what was going wrong with the world (wildly extrapolating that women’s sport is only worth watching it the women involved are only wearing their undies).

It’s good to see that this goal started off with only two people, and now there are nine.

What a great place... get your ravishing confidence on.

I’m currently living in a developing country and I have to say its a great place to get your ravishing confidence on. There are uttery no barriers to doing this. And because all of the cultures are all jumbled together in one big mess, people just let it roll over them. I let others personalities roll over mine and mine over theirs and if it works well then great and if not, well then we both just keep rolling.

It’s so liberating.

I think the balance is going much better. I’m saying no with confidence, and I’m sticking to my guns about having said no. I’m saying yes more too, and I’m enjoying having said yes to things I would normally have run away from.

I’ve had to let the nail polish go. But I miss it so much! I don’t think I’ll ever leave home again without a full mani/pedi kit. I’m kinda sick of feeling like I’m camping all the time. It’s time to take back my feminity! I’ve restocked the make up bag and it feels so good to be able to have all these beautiful little bottles around me.

I’m back in the gym which is great. Had a bit of a slip as there are lots of seedy guys who check you out all the time. It’s a bit ferral frankly and it made me feel really uncomfortable. So, it’s back at it tomorrow morning, even with seedy men. I’ve got music and a goal. The gym is my space and my time and they aren’t going to take my health from me!! (So there) Also I have to start training…there are a few mountains I have my eye on…

I’m also staring to work on my posture again. It’s been terrible these past few months. But I can feel myself standing up straight in my sleep (weird concept I know, but I am always so hunched when I sleep it can’t be helping my muscles relax and reform).

Reading so much more which is great. I’ve got myself into a positive evening routine that involves beauty products and reading. Bliss. I’ve also got a kindle (otherwise known as the best thin to happen to travel since travel). It’s so good. I can carry as many books as I like and I’m never without it.

I haven’t had my hair cut for over six months. I don’t think I trust anyone here near it. But…it is looking really good, if just a little dry. I will keep my eyes out for a hair mask when I’m somewhere that resembles more modern civilisation…(sounds mean but it’s really hard to keep any beauty up here and I sort of admire the women who can keep their make-up form sliding down their face).

I have also decided to get someone else to do my clothes shopping for me. I hate that much. But I am really looking forward to buying new underwear. I left all my nice stuff at home and I miss it so very, very much!

Most significantly, I didn’t let someone screw me over for a long time. I was able to identify what he was doing (using me as a proxy girlfriend while he was deciding if he wanted to stay with her, and I would be the nice landing if he decided to end it), and bail before I got too hurt. I got hurt because he was a friend and there aren’t too many people here so you can’t really get up in anyone’s face about anything really (you just have to let it roll). And I got hurt because I didn’t thin he would treat me like that. and I was hurt becuase I let him treat me badly for a short while. But I did stop it. And he knows why. So even though I started to walk down the negative path I know so very, very well I was able to turn back with a bit of grace and get the hell out of there! An achievement indeed.

slight redefinition

When I think of the definition of ravishing in my head well I think of ravishing: condifent, bold, outspoken, lusty, sensual, articulate and deliberate.

On new years eve I realised that ravishing is missing, for me at least, kindness, poise and grace. And I’m a bit sorry that I missed the point of this for a while. The point being that this goal is as much about balancing out many elements than it is about just developing one. I don’t think I really stuffed up or anything, I think I could have behaved in a slightly kinder, more socially graceful way.

So I’ve decided to sightly redeinfe this goal in my head. For me this goal has become “develop ravishing confidence (that has a backbone and is aware of the impact on others).

In other words, ravishing confidence should at no time be nice code for “being mean, callous or insensitive to others”. But you know, there are lots of ways to still do this without doing that.

Let the balancing act begin!


I’ve just re-read a bit of a prevsious entry for this goal and I realise that I’ve changed – wel I feel as if I have changed. I have just moved back to the town I halfgrew up in and I’ve noticed that it’s not really as good as I thought it was. And that I’m not all that comfortable here anymore. I’ve notcied a bit of back slide…for one I’ve been wearing this nail polish for over a week! For shame…!

But the thing is, it’s only a small back slide and I can recover easily:
1. do nails.
2. start working on my posture again as I’ve notices a bit of an…erm…slump. Think up, feel up, walk up!
3. Keep reading.
4. Ignore, ignore, ignore her.
5. book in for a hair trim.
6. Smile :-)
7. BUY SOME NEW CLOTHES – and NOTHING IN GREY (for goodness sake!)

I know, I know

I know that the high you get from buying stuff isn’t lasting, authentic happiness….but…I just bought the nicest hair stuff. It makes my hair feel all silky and smell nice too :-)

Oh and I’m enjoying playing with my new camera. I’m taking lots of photos of the puppy. I’m even stopping to take photos of street art…even if people are looking at me! Hurrah. I think that this joy will be more lasting than just buying stuff but really, it’s all good!


either I radiated total awesomeness today or I had loo paper stuck to my head cos I felt really good/friendly/awesome/open today at the bus stop on my way home.


I’m really proud of how far I have come on this goal. I feel as if I’m getting back into shape – and staying that way for longer – now. I really feel as if life is just starting, not to click, but to settle. It’s a lovely warm calm feeling and frankly, I can’t get enough.

Yes, this journey has meant that I have had to face up to some really difficult stuff. Really, really difficult stuff. No seriously. And I’m still not there. But you know, I may never get there on this one and that would be ok too. I think that it’s important just to grow on this one for a while.

1. I do spend more time on my nails/hair/brows. I shape my nails one a week, I bought a new whiz bang hair drier and I use it every second day, I got my brows professionally done after a very, very long time and they look lovely. I now have a regular joint. I have a regular hair dresser as well. And I’m wearing it out more and enjoying it!
2. pending.
3. I invested. And it made me feel calm, secure and in control…even though in many ways, I have less control now than what I did have…
4. I’m back into pilates – twice a week. I’ve also joined a gym and have a personal trainer. It’s expensive but I’m worth it.
5. next summer on this one…it’s too cold! But I’m taking the bus so I’m not stressed out when I get to work which is kind of the point.
6. I talked to him. I even asked him out! We had a really lovely lunch and now all I have to do is wait and see if he wants to see me. In the meantime, I’ve also signed up to an internet dating site as a new way to meet people in my town. No success yet but I am getting more comfortable with the premise.
7. a few times, yes. I laugh a lot at work which is nice :-)
8. I haven’t gotten back into pottery YET. I think I might let the gym thing settle first.


I’m slightly dissatisfied with this new nail vanish. But I’m not involved with a bad news guy.

Swings and roundabouts.

so what's success then?

I’ve been thinking about this one for quite some time now. It’s a new year and it’s time to clean out my list. Tick of things that I think I’ve done for a while (particularly value centered goals) and think about what’s next.

I realise that even saying that I’m not sure what success would actually look like for this goal. I think I had a really clear image of what I would look like and how completing this goal would make me feel. But now I’m not so sure.

Since I started it I’ve moved towns, twice, moved house four times, gone travelling both with friends and alone, sat in gutters and cried, danced with my arms around good friends, gotten over (and under) a few lovely men, and just frankly managed.

I keep thinking about KBO (keep bugering on).

I have this really high expectation of what each day should be and in reality some days are just days. Day-ish. Day-ey.

I’ve read over the problem definition for this one and I think that I’ve come a long, long way on this. I started writin this with the intention of making this my last entry.

To be honest, I think I’ve got just a little bit further to go here before I sign this one off. So, in order to know when that will happen, I had better spend some time thinking about what success will look like.

1. spend time on me every week (nails, hair, brows)
2. put just a bit of money aside for fashionable, fun clothes (not just investment pieces, clothes can be FUN (remember!!!!)) then ACTUALLY SPEND IT ON CLOTHES…not books or cds (there’s budget enough for that)
3. Invest (do it)
4. get back into pliates
5. walk to work
6. just talk to him!!! (instead of freaking out, running away, oh yeah great…how old am I again?)
7. really laugh
8. get back into pottery

plan done :-) now for the action!


Hurrah for hippie skirts and twirling in the sunshine.

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