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first two

The first two fun runs are already completed for the season. I’m not sure they were really runs though – the Santa run (which in the heat is a test of endurance more than anything) and the Colour Run (more of a shuffle than a run).

The first serious actual run of the season is coming up in 3 WEEKS! I can’t believe it’s so soon. I’ve been hitting the gym a fair bit to try to build fitness for it. I still think I’m in the “shuffle/walk” category but if I can shuffle a little longer than walk, I’ll be happy. :-)


Another run down! I felt much more comfortable this time which is great. My time got better too!

Next run…14km!!

Mothers day classic

Another 5km tomorrow. I haven’t done too much training for this one but it should be a nice day out :-) and a good way to keep motivated for the city2surf in August.

Running festival 2013

Yesterday I attempted to run 5km. I am so very, very sore today! Om the up side it’s all good pain (my knees seem to have held up which is great news!)

I didn’t manage to run the entire way but I’m running further than I have before. I also have a 5km time to beat next time. Next time is incidentally in one month. To train!

New runs on the list

Ok so I’ve signed up for the 5km event at the running festival and the 5km run at the Mothers’ day classic. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a little better each time :-)

I’m doing another month of dance so my fitness is improving all the time. my orthotics don’t seem to be hurting as much and my hip stability is improving too! Hurrah!

ran (some) of the 5km

In the Dili marathon (5km version…) So awesome to actually run in public. It’s the first time I’ve ever run in a competitive race and it was the first time I’ve ever run in public (eg not in a gym).

It felt so good to be able to see the course ahead of me…and actually run it!

I’m going to try to run/walk a 10km next month. Whoo!


Something to aim for. I will be in town. If I can’t do the half then I could certainly manage the fun run by then…something to train for :-)

a first

Today I went for a run. I didn’t go for very long. I didn’t run very far. BUT (and it is a very big but) it was the first time I had ever gone for a run in the open air, in public, not in a forced school environment.

I ran.

Might do it again Thursday.

one step closer

my orthotics arrived!! Hurrah! Now I just have to wear them in so they don’t hurt (I know it’s more a case of hem wearing me in instead) and I can hit the streets.

still no running...

...and the resolution run is eight days away!!! sigh might need to redefine this one to run 5km (when my orthotics arrive and I can run on them)

Instead, I’m still in the gym and I’m also wearing in my new tramping boots!! Whooo. There are some really lovely walks around my home to be done.

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