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Not a goal, a state of mind

And I’m going to incorporate this state of mind into my “be healthy” goal. I am mindful more often than I was when I created this thing, I meditate and stretch mindfully most days and that has rolled over into the rest of my life. So I’m happy to rest this for now – I can always raise it from the ashes if I need to.


If you are one of my 6 loyal subscribers (bless you all!) then you might be annoyed at the flurry of new goals pushing everything else off the page. I wanted to see if I could put in 44 things, and also to expand my mind a little :-)

If you haven’t done it, I have discovered 44 things are not allowed.

Normal service will now resume. I thank you.

Updated reminder

Things have moved on since my last reminder, so just to keep it ticking along in the background a mindfulness refresh :-)

Every day:

  • stretch and meditate
  • write in my journal
  • sing and play guitar
  • create something
  • be curious, intuitive, mindful, compassionate
  • act with purpose and honesty
  • be audacious – no bullshit

To every week:

  • play tennis, run/weights at the gym, swim
  • speak to my Mam and Dad
  • do my weekly journal review
  • review my weekly goals
  • review my 43things list

To every month:

  • review my monthly goals
  • be in touch with long-distance friends
  • take a day completely for myself

Not much difference, but a good exercise to go through


I want this to be a background reminder on my list. A reminder to keep the habits I’ve built up over the last few months and years.

To every week: exercise x3; connect with my long-distance family; do my GTD weekly review.

To every day: meditate; stretch; write my journal; eat healthily; sing and play guitar; write something

To strive to be perceptive, curious, intuitive, mindful – creative, compassionate, self-aware.

To consistently act with purpose and honesty – be audacious, no bullshit.

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