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Accidentally achieved

I found this in my list of things given up on – but I have done this – so by re-opening and closing this thing I am righting the Universe.

For now

I have beaten myself up enough over this goal. Sometimes goals can make things worse rather than better – trying to force something that isn’t ready to come. I’m going to walk away from this for now. Maybe then I’ll actually want to do it!


Again. Waiting for my knee to heal.

Another one in the bag

So that was 21 minutes, and 150m in free-style-with-float. I had a small breakthrough though – now that I’m wearing goggles I can be more aware of my stroke and breathing, and I realised I get so tired because my breathing is just shockingly bad.

I concentrated on it more, taking 4 strokes per breath instead of my usual desperate 2, and breathing all the air out I could before taking another breath, and it really smoothed my stroke out. I could feel my body gliding through the water rather than struggling against it. I swam 12 metres (not that I’m counting every centimetre…) without my floats!

So my goal next time is to swim a 20 metre length freestyle.


So, another 18 minutes (though god knows it felt like more), but this time only 140m. That’s because I didn’t do breast stroke legs to save my knee any unnecessary trauma, so I had to rest more. It’s amazing how different the muscles are between the two strokes – but I digress.

The big test now is how my knee reacts. If it’s okay tomorrow, then I have found an exercise that I can do whilst it heals (yay!). If it aches then it’s back to the physio coz I can’t even bloody swim (boo!)

I feel pretty healthy tonight, hence my good cheer (and a glass of white wine helps with that too of course).

Blasted knee :-|

After last weeks swim my knee has been aching like hell – I think it’s because I did breast stroke legs. But once in the water I didn’t feel any pain so I just did what I could. I’ll give it another week and if it’s no better I’ll book to see the physio. I’ll try again swimming on Tuesday.

Glug glug

Swallowed half the baths tonight, but a good workout. I must have mis-counted the distance last week, this week was much better: 18 minutes, 180m.

All kicking with a float again (actually two lengths were with front crawl arms on one side).

I swam - well, "moved through the water with my feet off the floor" anyway

With my trusty floats I covered 50m, mostly by kicking (in both crawl and breast stroke styles), but also with sporadic arm movements.

So, for the record, 15 minutes, 50 metres, with a mixture of styles. I’ve got to start somewhere.

No more excuses

I’ve started my physio exercises to repair my knee :-) and she says swimming will be fine. I can’t do anything else (bar walking!) so I’ll have to if I don’t want to bloat out.

Or looking at it more positively… great, I have time to improve my swimming!

This is such a childhood issue. I hated it then, and there’s emotional baggage to it now. Just gotta make myself go and ride it out.

Still all quiet on this

I’m playing so much tennis I can’t seem to fit this in and do the running. I imagine this will play a much stronger role once the season ends at the beginning of August.

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