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Update my Mac setup

6 cheers


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I have everything moved over to my new setup, including a rucksack for the laptop, and I couldn’t be happier. That’s the green-eyed monster put to bed for another 4 year cycle :-)

This is so done.


If my interpretation of the slightly vague Apple “view order” function is correct?!


Ordered a MacBook, sundries and one of the enormous 24” LED Displays to go with it. At least working at a University I got a discount ;-) Wonder if they’ll get to me before Xmas?

I'm going to get a new MacBook

And I’ve been sourcing the musical stuff I need to record myself. I’m going to use technology to help me become a singer-songwriter. Macs bring out the creative in me in a way PCs just don’t. I’m a sucker for great design – and advertising.

Laptop rumours

If the rumours are true, then one of the new Apple laptops is where I’m heading with this. I’ve been so patient. My Mum is lined up to get my old machine. She’s using my 8-year-old G4 Powerbook (bless it!) with a “t” stuck on with superglue, and a weird firmware/memory problem that requires her to type unix stuff whenever she boots up.

It will soon be time! And I’ve got the recycling/environmental angle covered too.


Got some nice ones I’ve been hankering after for months, should arrive on Wednesday. Can’t wait to hear my ripped music in it’s full glory. And watch iPlayer with proper sound! Springsteen has a show on the BBC website at the moment with the Seeger Sessions band – it’s great!

All the new web tools I have

Are really slow on my 3-year-old iMac. If I get a job this next month then I’ll have the money, but I potentially won’t need the web software as much.

It’s really hard to separate good business sense from simple techno-lust. I was going to wait until 2009 – 4 years seemed reasonable for a web developers computer – but I didn’t take into account the bloat of new software.

Hey, listen to me – the geek is back in the house :-)

New keyboard

Bought one of the new Apple keyboards – it’s lovely. My rationale was I spend more time typing now than I ever have so it’s important to have a comfortable keyboard. Also, I spilt a cappuccino all over my old one last year and I’ve been eyeing the brown crustiness I couldn’t get at to clean for ages. Well, this week I am worth a new keyboard. It’ll go well with my new laptop in 2009 ;-)

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