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I have the following items packed up and ready to go to Goodwill:
shirts, pants, scarves, gloves, hats, coats, purses, caulk strips, hangers, curtains, craft supplies, food dish, exercise weights.

I also have some blankets that I will donate to an animal shelter.

Simplifying a wardrobe

As the after-Christmas sales abound, I have to stay out of the stores. I am currently cleaning out my apartment and office, getting rid of the unneeded items. The only things I want to purchase are a few new shirts for work….but I must clean out some old shirts first.

I read an article about a woman who wore the same brown dress everyday for a year. I thought that was amazing and took a lot of courage in this society! It was pretty inspiring though. Just think about how simple life would be if we all wore the same basic outfit everyday. Or, what if we were only allowed to have 7 shirts, 7 dresses/suits, 7 pairs of shoes, 7 pairs of pants/skirts, 7 pairs of underwear, and 7 pairs of socks? One outfit for each day of the week. Actually, I think I could live with that!

A great quote

I saw this quote on a website today:
“Live simply so that others may simply live.”

Creating simplicity

I have moved this goal toward the top of my list, because it is closely linked to completing the SHED program (my #1 Goal). I want to simplify my life on all levels: physical and emotional. So, right now I’m focusing on my physical environment: removing items that do not support my current and future goals.

No more accumulation

I am trying hard to manage what I already have in a better way. I try not to buy things that just take up space. If I buy a new item, I must remove an old item from my possession. For instance, before I buy a new shirt, I must select an older shirt get rid of (I usually donate my clothes). If I’m unwilling to part with anything I already have, then I don’t need to buy anything new.

I have also gotten better with my groceries. I used to buy foods and never eat/cook it, and end up throwing it out. But now, I am a smarter shopper. I buy more frozen things, or fresh foods in small quantities. I pay attention to the packaging, and purchase containers I can recycle (to my surprise, a lot of frozen dinners have recyclable trays). I think of ways to creatively use the items in my cupboards. I bring my own lunches in reusable containers most of the time. I am reducing the amount of take-out food I get because of the unnecessary amount of trash produced from it. No more McDonald’s soda fountain drinks…I can’t recycle those cups. I get a drink from Starbucks because I know I can recycle their plastic cups.

I have given myself a challenge to find new and creative uses for the things I already own. I also want to take better care of my possessions so that they may last longer.


I am much more conscious of what I purchase. I don’t want to accumulate any more junk and clutter. How many pairs of black shoes do I need? How many pairs of pants do I really need? Who cares if I wear the same clothes 2 days in a row? Can’t I borrow the book from the library instead of buying it? Do I need to buy bottled water? I have a dozen towels—how many does a single person need?

I often need to remind myself that I have more than most people in this world.

So this is my goal:
This weekend, I will take 20 items from my possession—things I don’t need or haven’t used, and throw them out or give them away.

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