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Be a better friend

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Be A Better Friend

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I hope my friends would agree

Friendship, like any relationship, is ongoing and neverending.

I guess all I can do is love my friends and try to show them that love as best I can. Yes, I may faulter but I never forget, ever.

And whether or not it needs to be said, you are all my friends, so the above is for you.

My friend has..

...been putting me up at his place for the last 4 weeks(!!) while I look for a new appartment. I’ve been trying to think of what I can do to thank or repay him. He made a joke about how he had to think of 4 restaurants that he wanted to visit because after the first week I had taken him and his girlfriend out. But a restaurant a week doesn’t really seem to make up for his help and understanding.

The last two weekends...

...I’ve been helping a friend get her new appartment ready to move into: preparing to paint, painting, etc. And this coming weekend, I’ll help with the actual move. This is her her first appartment and experience living alone. She has a few apprehensions about the whole experience and I’m just happy to be there to help because she’s been there when I needed help.


Yesterday, I called a friend whom I haven’t seen for about a year. Actually, I was calling him back. Anyway, I’m going to go see him this weekend.

sometimes they're all you got.

Being far from “home”, I don’t think I’ve kept contact well with friends. And even the friends I have here, I don’t think I’ve been good with. Maybe this is just a result of being somewhere new.

But for someone who values friendship and good friends, I find my behavious unacceptable. I just hope my friends are good ones and can forgive me.

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