Sandy Gabrielli in Honolulu is doing 25 things including…

live off the grid

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island wide power outage

a very minor lightning storm and we all came together.
Need I say more…..

and then the Aloha spirit of a blackout…Community bands together
Waimanalo residents share resources while some shops managed to serve customers

“Even though man’s power is out, God’s power is still on,” Head Elder Pat McGuire preached to about half the usual number of parishioners.”.... so fine.

Hard in a townhouse -

I rent and I live in a townhouse, so living off the grid will have to mean being really creative. I could do solar rechargable 12v batteries for lighting. In a perfect world, I’d have a $20000 windfall that would pay up some rent, stock up on supplies, buy some garden supplies, and get some solar charger/battery/inverters set up.

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