Sandy Gabrielli in Honolulu is doing 25 things including…

Make people aware of the traditional Polynesian Voyaging Society

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Sandy Gabrielli has written 22 entries about this goal

Here is the sail plan map

She is back in the water!

Just saw a posting that the newly updated Hokulea has gone into the water and won’t come out again until about Nov. in New Zealand!

What causes people to leave their home in search of a new land?

Saw this post today about a family that took to their sailboat, parents with a 3 year old and an infant, in an effort to get to get to Kiribati. They ran into trouble and were rescued by a fishing boat.

They figured the island would provide them with a safe place to have their own religious and cultural views. They obviously had never been to an island. But it made me think about how it must always have been for people who resettle. I think a lot about the people that took wagons full of children and some animals across the US in search of California, people who got on ships in Europe and crossed the oceans to the Americas, and people who built canoes and loaded up to go to another island far away. They are motivated. They don’t really know where they’re going. They mostly don’t take the right stuff. Almost always, there is a storm.

vintage sailing movie

Today they posted this really cool video from the 1976 Hokulea trip. Its so beautiful. They look so 70’s-ish. I really love the song too.

This is going back on the list because- The Worldwide Trip starts in June 2013

I have to put this at the top of my list. I might even go to Hawaii to watch the trip launch.

Just watched this and it had me in tears.

Here is the blog announcement from today!

Here is another video

Here is a video that shows more about what it was like at the blessing ceremony.

The Dali Lama blessed the Hōkūle`a

The Dali Lama was in Hawaii last weekend and shared laughter and happiness with all sorts of people. This is a great story about his visit to the Hōkūle`a. He blessed the upcoming journey and said she could heal the ocean.

I really miss this beach. It is only a few miles from where I used to live in Hawaii so I’d go there often.

The new Blue Canoe trailer is out!

The second trailer from the canoe videos is out. Makes me cry. You can feel the love and ancestral connections. They show some of the journey through San Francisco and down the west coast. This is really happening in our lifetime. Amazing.

Anticipating the blogs about the whales

Todays blog is great. They sort of wrap up a bunch of different stories. Sad, exciting, dramatic, beautiful. From some of the posts it sounds like the next 2 days will be magical experiences with whales.

Whale graveyards, fog and Mexican army boats

“Fog” by Pacific Voyagers
I love reading these blogs. The canoes are just around some of the whale breeding lagoons of the coast of Mexico. Breathtaking written images as they describe their journeys.

Very interesting blogs in the last few days about when they didn’t eat a sunfish and pondering ancient travelers. Did someone make this journey a thousand years ago? Adventure is in man’s nature.

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