Sandy Gabrielli in Honolulu is doing 25 things including…

Make quilts for everybody.

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How about symbiotic species socks?

Yet another knitting idea. Preditor vs Prey mittens. But where is the love? I think these would be great to play with. LIttle battles between your hands, or you and your little sister in the car seats.

But to promote peace you’d have to have symbiotic relationships socks. Like in Lewis Tomas “Medusa and the Snail”.

Examples: blackbird plover and alligator, ostrich and zebra, egret and cow, clownfish and anemones.

Thats the kind I want.

Learn to knit too

I keep finding stuff to make that knitted or crocheted. Here is a challenge to make blankets for kids in Africa.

Knit a Square, Send Some Love by Kanelstrand

I keep finding great toy ideas that are knitted. Just need to knit.

Two bags down and now scarfs

I made two bags on Saturday. One for my grandson, which is lined with shower curtain because of the beach. The other is for my daughter who goes on long hikes for work.

I put backpack straps on them instead of just handles. I also added a velcro pocket and a water bottle holder on the side. I used cut strips from the legs of pair of jeans that I’ll never get back into to reinforce the straps.

Found a really cool idea on Pinterest for making a scarf out of old tshirt logo sections. I’m realizing though that I will have to find a cheaper source of tshirts.

Here is a step-by-step howto for the scarf.

Tshirts to shopping bags video

Found this great video about converting your tshirt into 5 shopping bags. I like the baugette bag made from the sleeve.

Maybe bags instead

When we were at the farmers market on Sunday I was trying really hard not to get anything in a plastic bag. We took the reusable bags but some things just needed to be in their own bags. We didn’t take any vegitable bags.
I noticed someone else with these reusable bags and the gal at the “register” told me that you could order them online. I found them at and they’re called “Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags”. I thought they’d make a great gift for my kids and family but at $2 each and shipping I knew that would counteract my frugality goal. Plus I just can’t afford them.

So I think I’m going to try to figure out how to make some of these instead of quilts. Also some nice shopping bags. We are using at least two for each grocery trip now and its a good feeling.

Now, I just have to figure out where to get that fabric so I can reuse it rather than buying it new. Maybe in the thrift store. Not sure what would be made of something like that though. Maybe kids sports equipment.

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