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2237 April 5, 2014 - Death and Taxes

I started my taxes this morning. Spent the afternoon volunteering at Fabmo and now I’m dead tired. I have a sore throat and tight chest. Not sure if I’m coming down with something or having a mild heart attack.

2238 April 5, 2014 - Shopping for Hygene Kit and easter stuff

My daughter has been gathering up donations with different “themes” each month to be given to children in her community that are either in foster care or homeless. She has been setting up dropoff locations for items at different places around town. We went to a local kids haircut and “glamor” party place that is going to keep a basket available this month. My granddaughter got a haircut and they sprayed her hair pink! We set up a webform to list donations too. It’s on Facebook under “It Takes A Village” if you want to “like” it.

2239 March 29, 2014 - Grantwriting and bowling

I helped write a grant for a non-profit that I’ve been helping with during the day. Then later that evening we went bowling with my daughters step brothers and sisters and her neighbors. My little 2 year old granddaughter loves to bowl. I think she came close to my terrible score with her lane bumpers and ball rolling rack.

2240 March 22, 2014 - Fabric Table Fort construction

I went to stay with my daughter while she was having some medical issues. She had a stack of sewing projects waiting for me. This one was lots of fun. She did the decorations and I made the table cover. The kids had a great time with it except that I used pool foam noodles to cover the table bottom edges. The darn toddlers keep taking them off. Silly kids.

2241 March 15, 2014 - Some volunteering, party prep, and a 60th Birthday

I overslept because we were at Berkley watching my boyfriends brother’s movie open and then we hung out with him, a famous movie director and a gaggle of theoretical physicists until after midnight. When I woke up I had to dash over to the library to help staff Sew-Sew Saturday. The group included a homeless man mending his clothes, a Chinese couple teaching their 7 year old to sew, a woman hemming pants, and a grama practicing with the sewing machine so she can come back next week and hem some drapes for her daughter.
Then I had to run out and get a cocktail dress for a friends 60th birthday. Found something wonderful and some glittery boots on sale for $8. Baked some cookies and made an appetizer and off we went to San Francisco.
It was such a party. His friend hosted it in a loft/photography studio. It was a really interesting place to live and also have a party. He had tons of friends there, a bunch of people playing their guitars, and lots of nice vegetarian food. Some folks did the attire right and others just didn’t. I couldn’t wear my boots because I discovered a broken zipper right as I tried to put them on.
I remembered how I used to feel that it was important to mingle at parties and learn a little about everyone that was there. I have no idea why I thought that this was important but I spent years doing it. Now I don’t care. I just find someone that I like and talk to them. I’m not very good at small talk and seem to always fall into this habit of talking at length at anything that I think may be interesting. I always want to hear peoples stories but then I jump in when I think I have something interesting to say and I’m off. Terrible. I don’t have the need to know everyone anymore. I just talk to the people that I already know and may meet a couple more by chance. Interesting.

2242 March 8, 2014 - Impromptu Ski Trip

I had a whole bunch of activities planned for the day. I was going to volunteer at the fabric place for a second day. There was a tree walk in the park near my house. My library friend needed some backup to help her with some workshops. Instead, I went to the mountains to sit in the lodge while my boyfriend spent the day skiing. Normally he would have tried to talk me into skiing but we’re saving money, so I was able to avoid that whole drama. I people watched and wrote in my journal. Then I did some video editing, then I sat at one of the tables near the bar and visited with a group of skiers that come up on a regular basis. We drove part way home and stayed at friends. I love staying with them. Their home is beautiful and they are great hosts. It was a a nice day.

2243 March 1, 2014 - rested and goal revisions

I’m still tired from the detox diet and the cold. Thought I was going to do a ton of stuff today but just never got started. But I did go through my goals here. I’ve been wanting to refresh this so It’s not too long. I think it’s more useful to me that way.

So as part of my goal revisions, I got rid of things that I’m not really doing or that I don’t feel a pull to keep. I have some things that will stay because its how I journal. Sometimes when I get depressed I remove goals, but not this time. Just revisions to make things more realistic.

2244 Feb. 22, 2014 Unemployment forms, edits

I had a few last edits to the videos that I did for the autism school so I worked on those. Also did my unemployment forms.

2245 Feb 15, 2014 - Teddy bear sweatshop

My daughter decided to set a goal of doing one fundraiser/item drive each month this year and giving the items to kids in her community that are in need. She put up a facebook page called “It Takes a Village”. Every month there is some sort of a goal or project. In January she set a goal to collect 200 pair of socks for kids in Foster Care. She got 400.

In February, she decided to give toys to kids in the local homeless shelter program. There are 2000 kids. Her goal was to get at least 500 toys. She did! I made 30 teddy bears. Thus the photo. She called it Teddy Bear Sweatshop because we worked on it together and even though it took about 4 days, we kept going because she saw a facebook site called “Because I said I would” and she thought that I should hold to my goal because I told her I’d make the toys that I contributed this month.

She also made 100 lunches for the people at the homeless shelter and took 25 toys that she got on super sale at Michaels. It was sort of a mixed experience for her the day she delivered the lunches. People were so desperate that they flocked the car. She said the face of one little kid made it all worth it though.

March is collecting packages of new underwear for kids in the shelters.

2246 Feb 8, 2014 - Volunteered at Fabmo again!

I was a door greeter at Fabmo again. There was this 6 year old kid that was bored and sort of messing around. I tried to keep him entertained. At the end I discovered that he’d been around since infancy and so I’m glad I just stayed positive and mellow instead of taking it upon myself to remind his mom to track him.

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