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swim three times a week

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this week has been a mess

of not much swimming. but i just bought a new swimsuit and it should arrive tomorrow. so i’m hoping to get two good days in this week.

week 1

three times. felt great. only 1/2 hour of laps to start with. will probably stay there for one more week, then increase time. i wish i could take a master stroke class, but it is only offered in the daytime when i’m working :(

after a much undesirable delay

namely due to not being here, i have now finally gotten a decent schedule and will begin swimming TONIGHT! quite excited!

how do i only have 10 days left for this challenge?

well, that sucks for me. i haven’t had time to sign up for the gym, and i’m leaving in a couple of days for geneva. so by the time i get back, and sign up, and whatnot, it will certainly be past 10 days. sigh… I’M A LOSER BABY!!!

okay well i had to change it

because sometimes one just has to face reality. and the truth is i hate mornings. but i love swimming. so my job/school schedule isn’t perfect, but it never is and if i use that as an excuse i’ll be doing nothing forever.

so i re-arranged some things. i can get to the pool at least three times a week before it closes. i love swimming. 1 hour of laps, minimum.


(it used to be the get up early morning exercise not going to happen goal)

it was not entirely my fault

but no, i did not roll out of bed at 6am and get my ass moving in the park.

i did wake up, and even though i wasn’t tired, i was extremely sleepy and rolled right over. when i woke up an hour later to get ready for work i realized that our steam radiator heat kicked in over night and it was like an oven in my bedroom! hence the sleepiness.

i am not sure if this goal is realistic. all things considered because of my job/school schedule i would much rather work out first thing in the morning. but i hate mornings, especially early ones. i would never take a job that required me to be in early, why did i think i’d be able to get up for a workout?? how will i ever be able to do this? am i trying to make myself something that i am not?

need advice from morning exercisers!!

do you exercise in the morning before work? well then do i have questions for you!! (especially if you exercise outdoors)

1. how do you mentally motivate yourself to go outdoors before sunrise? i don’t find that i’m tired waking up early, but it is dark out there! makes me just want to roll over and go back to sleep.

2. do you brush your teeth? i much prefer brushing my teeth after my shower (habit) but nothing is grosser than morning breath while jogging. any other suggestions?

3. do you eat something before you go out? maybe a shake or something small?

i HATE mornings

but with my new schedule, working out in the evenings is just not going to be realistic. so here is my goal… or more like my challenge… wake up at 6, do something in the park (walk, bike, run, whatever) for at least half hour, get ready for work at 7.

please cheer me on!! i will need all the help i can get :)

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