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Tomorrow I’m going to book my test- some time over Xmas I think- when my dissertation’s completed to a standard where I can say- OK I’m ok with that.


I wussed out for a few weeks… but I’m putting in for that test… and I WILL TAKE IT and I WILL PASS. Yup yup.


Today I’ve got one more lesson. Then it’s off for a date with Ben…

After today I’m gonna stop the lessons for a while and come back to them when I’ve sorted my money situation out (plus my instructor will be in New Zealand again for a while sooo I have no choice- unless I find someone else…)

If I pass my test this week- then I wont have to worry about it… but as it’s my first attempt I don’t expect I will. Either way I guess the fact that I’m going to “try” is a step in the right direction. At least I’ll know what I’m doing for next time. And of course it means I’m not sitting still.

I wish I had more time but realistically I’ve been learning on and off for the most part of two years. That’s over 100 hours of lessons. I think that was a mistake on my part because I have been ready to take a test for a while and I’ve just been slowly getting more and more bored about the whole thing. I think it’s fair to say that my attention has most definitely waned.

Basically when you’re advised to put in for your test… DO SO. :)

I’ve picked up bad habits and my attention span has decreased ten-fold. I’m soooo nervous about it but- I’ve pretty much accepted that I will fail this. There’s so many mistakes I make on a daily basis that I will not be able to iron out in this 1 hour lesson… Meh, I’ll try my best and no one can ask for more :).

Thennnnnnnnnnn I’ve got an afternoon of Ben’s company to look forward to.

Broom, broom.

I will have passed my driving test by noon on my 21st Birthday! If I don’t take my test by then, then I’ll have to go out without mascara on for a WHOLE day! shock horror

In the next month I’ll do first attempts and see where I go wrong. It’s a little exciting just to be doing something about it instead of writing about it. :) It’s about time I started seizing the days as they come and doing instead of sitting on my bum.

Ha. Ha.

Also going to save for a car or use my uni loan when it comes through- because other kids my age spend all theirs and I’ve been saving all my life. I can’t always look to the future- it’s about time I had me some adventures! Not only do I work- when most of my friends don’t have jobs- I have never once spent a drop of my university loan as a result because I’ve been saving for my Post-Grad next year. Life’s soooo full of possibilities- I don’t know why I couldn’t see it before. Silly me. :)


I’ve done my lessons today… I am doing ok- at this rate I might pass before Christmas… Here I roll my eyes.

We shall see- at the end of the day- I can only do what I can do!!!

I've driven today..

...like a driver (apparently) and if I drive like that and continue to do so- all will be good and I will pass- good to know :)... if only I could do that every day. * sighs *


I’ve booked a couple of lessons next week and the following weeks. I can’t really afford it but I need to!!!! :)

I have a lesson this week again.

I am going to start doing this with more enthusiasm again after a couple of weeks break. I can do it- even if it takes me a few attempts I’ll get there. Heaven knows I’ve put enough effort/money into it already… it’s about time I enjoyed it.

I booked the practical test.

I’ve got a good 6 weeks to get better before I ultimately take it and have to retake Haha! :)

I'll book it once I've paid the credit card off AGAIN.

The pesky little blighter is overloaded with stuff from my holiday and I need to clear it before I can spend money on things other than the necessary stuff.

I shall take the test before the end of September… as a promise to myself. Hmmm.

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