spreadyourwings in United Kingdom is doing 40 things including…

leave notes in library books

50 cheers


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spreadyourwings has written 8 entries about this goal


I left three in my local library…

One said ‘you have no new messages’

Another one said ‘Rawghhh’

And in the other book I wrote ‘Have a wonderful-super-fantastic day random person.’

Not brilliant- but they will do :)


I’m really excited, I found someone elses note in a library book… it doesn’t say much… I’ll quote it when I find it again because I left it where it is. Now I know why this is a groovy goal to have :).

It's a plan!

I aim to have completed this goal by Tuesday… that’s the due back date of all of my 20 something library books… Thank heavens for student cards :).

Pink post it note

I wrote about keeping a gratitude journal in a book called “Are You Good Enough?” on a pink post it note with my email address written on the back. I wonder if anyone will ever stumble on my little goals and be curious enough to email me :), only time will tell.

I think I like the idea of tying in 43things to it. We shall see what my next note holds :P.

What to write...

9 more books out. Now to find quotes or perhaps make cute little bookmarks to leave in there for the next bored english student who reads them to find :). Hmmmm

Up the pace...

I posted my second one :) WOOOO and I created a new email account specifically for it so that I’ll know if people ever find my notes and bother to reply!!!! I wanna be more frequent in it sooo I’m gonna aim to have another 5 notes in books by the end of the month… which warrants a trip to the library (one of my favourite places because there it’s easy to be alone and not feel bad about being anti-social). I love the library at my university campus, it’s a nice place to escape and forget that you’re in a big city… I have my own area that I go to and there you can see what could easily be a roof top garden. One day I’ll have a picnic on that rooftop :) Maybe in my final year!!!! Hmmmmm maybe that’s another goal coming on haha.

Second time :)

Got a new book that’s only been taken out twice :) I’m gonna read it shortly and put another little message in it… what to write this time, what to write!? Hmmmm I’m sure I’ll think of something

Note number 1

I wrote my first note today… A quote that I came across on the net and I just thought awww that’s cute so I put it in the book on a pink sticky note and then wrote “Have a Nice Day”. I think I’m gonna include a link to my blog, maybe that way I can find out if anyone ever reads it.

When I took the book out it was 2 years since it had last been taken from the library, so I’m not holding my breath :) but it’s nice to put something out there I think! I might do it in every book I take out.

One book I took out hasn’t been removed from the library since 1979 which is rather funny but it has that old book smell, people should read more books written by opinionated cantakerous old men haha that smell like old books (the book smelling like old books i mean not the man haha).

spreadyourwings has gotten 50 cheers on this goal.


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