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express my(whole)self

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good but sort of bad

Ugh. Oh I expressed myself alright. I mean I didn’t curse or anything but I let my bf know I was pissed at something he was doing (or in this case didn’t do). I was suprised at my ease at telling him I was mad. It’s actually getting easier and I didn’t even think of bottling it up. I know this is healthy for me to express myself but it’s so very hard to do when all my life I’ve been brought up to not show anger, pain, or frustration. In fact, my bf actually helps me with this goal. I’d probably still be all wound up if it weren’t for him.

...w/ my bf

I had been holding it in for several weeks actually that I felt neglected and not loved in our relationship. After admitting this to him he said that he was sorry and that nothing could change his love for me. It was partially my fault because I didn’t say right out, “Hey this is how I feel.” It’s not worth it to hold this sort of stuff in. I’ve spent most of my days depressed over this but now that I told him how I feel I feel a lot better.

Eventhough I did express my(whole)self I did not do it when and where I wanted to. So I’m going to leave this goal as something I still need to work on, eventhough I would think communicating w/ him was a very big step in the right direction.

Need to majorly work on this one

I have no problem expressing happiness, partially because that’s what people expect of me. 95% of the time I am content with my life. The other 5% I’m b*tchy and angry, no problem right? Well I just stuff my bad emotions deep down until I can’t handle it anymore and I explode. So my goal with this is to tell people right then and there when I’m pissed off at them or when I feel wronged. And sometimes it has nothing to do with other people, I’ll just be in a bad mood. I need to accept all my moods and not be afraid of showing them. Who cares what other people will think of me? I’m doing what’s healthy for me.

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