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be more articulate

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I think an obvious way to become better at this goal is to do more talking. I had to read some paperwork about policies to a group of people in my new job and I suprised myself at how well I pronounced my words and how quickly I read through. In the past I was a slower reader. Basically my advice would be talk to make your point. Blabbering until you get to your point is a waste of your time and others. If you need to just stop and think about something there’s no shame in that. In fact I think showing you’re thinking rather than filling the air with your voice is makes you look more intelligent.


Slowly but surely. I notice I don’t stumble on my words as much. But I haven’t really been integrating my new vocabulary into my conversations, which I’d like to do. But then again if the other person doesn’t know what you’re talking about it can be frustrating always having to define things. Maybe I’ll just tell them to look it up. ;-)


I’m taking a public speaking class this summer so maybe it’ll help.


First things first, I need to stop saying ‘like’ as a filler in between thoughts. Or ‘um’ or ‘uh’ for that matter. I find it really hard to listen to these people who say that all the time but I’m sure I do it all the time.

I do think before I speak. But lately I’ve been having lots of brain farts. I find myself being more articulate when I write moreso than when I speak. Mainly because it took me a few times,right as I wrote that previous sentence, to delete put in a new word and replace this with that. Can’t really do that while speaking and still seem articulate.

I think since my opinions are always adapting it’s hard to express myself in my new terms. Does that make sense?

I obviously need help. I’d appreciate any advice. :-)

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