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Going to Art Prize with my kids, even if it was only for an hour.
MIL coming over and helping us with organizing our basement.
Figuring out that I would save $30 by driving across town to pick us the third shelving unit.
Oriental chicken salad. It was delicious.
I persevered and put up 2 shelving units despite being tired and them not fitting together just right.


Finished up testing at work and it all looked good.
A leisurely trip to the mall at lunch.
Heavenly chicken starter click for the recipe.
Organizing the spice cabinet. Yes, it took all evening. I’m still waiting for photos from my daughter.


Google and Amazon are selling the LOTR trilogy ebook for only $10. Score.
A gorgeous day for a noontime stroll.
Getting off the highway just in time to avoid a jam.
A short bike ride with my son.
Fish for dinner.
My son’s computer game. They are getting better.
The cabinet above the stove is no longer a danger zone. Thanks DW and MIL for all the cleaning.


An hour long run in a park. I saw very few people there.
The pancakes I made for my daughter didn’t make her sick. They contained butter and she’s avoiding it. Oops.
I put together a shelving unit with my son.
A trip to the library. Two things came in for me.
Saying “welcome back”.


I bought two filing cabinets at work for $5 each. Score.
Pizza leftovers were still tasty.
I bought a book on my lunch hour.
It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed a walk in the afternoon.
We bought a new freezer for the basement. This one is a chest freezer and it’s small enough that we won’t lose things on the bottom (that’s the theory anyway).

On the other hand, it wasn’t really a good day at all. My DW was just diagnosed with a permanent incurable skin condition.

We also officially quit scouting. This was not a mutual decision between my wife and I and I’m still quite bitter about it.


Pizza. It was particularly delicious.
Cleaning the basement. My DW and MIL spent the day cleaning and organizing our stuff. Yes, I helped, but only in the evening.
Trash. We are getting rid of lots of it. I’ll be dropping off some of it to Goodwill.
Beautiful weather. I went for a long walk at lunch.
I lost the pound I gained last week.


Berries, berries, berries. I picked raspberries, blue berries and gooseberries.
Jam. I worked until 10 PM making jam and taking care of all of berries.
Beer. I drank two big ones after a long day.
Boxing. I watched two hours of boxing. Unfortunately, one of my favorite boxers lost.
John Molina Jr. I’m still in your corner.



who cares about 2 through 5. DW had a bad mammogram and had to go for 4 more tests. The last one showed that it was not cancer. Yippie.


Picking berries with my son.
Making homemade strawberry jam.
New coffee makers, especially getting it the same day the old one died.
Ice wine. 4 bucks a bottle – score.
More memory for my tablet.


Swiss Chalet sauce on fries.
Slow day at work.
Canada day. Happy birthday homeland.
Chocolate cake. Thanks P.

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