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Susannah's Book Club Challenge

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I was going to give up

on this goal since Как ее зовут is giving up on it too, but I did read one of the books, so I’ll say that I completed it.

I just finished

Heart of Darkness. It was really good. I only listened to it on my commute and I carpooled many days and didn’t get to listen to it in one stretch. Then my wife ejected it from the CD player, and I had no idea which track I was on. I ended up just re-listening to the CD and found that I got more out of it on the second time through. I finally brought it to work today and listened to it while trying to figure out the errors in a project I’m working on.

If you want to impress anyone at your meeting, watch Apocalypse Now before you go, and quote it. The guys will love it.

This book is terrible

I picked up chapter 11 and a woman with big earrings asks the main character to be a reference for the defense. The defendant is the one who hit the main character in the head and knocked him out cold. Is this dumb or what. I put this book down and read something more realistic – Batman.

Красивейшая Богиня, you must really like a guy in the book club to want to read this book.

10 Things Not to Say at a Book Club

10. I can’t wait until they make this book into a graphic novel.
9. Can we read a Junie B. Jones book next?
8. I thought there were going to be sexy guys here?
7. I liked the book’s cover and the title the best.
6. I liked Mein Kamf better.
5. TV is way better than books.
4. Want to hear my knock-knock jokes?
3. It’s hard to find a good book on tickling.
2. The best books contain Vulcans.
1. Which is your favorite book on living with herpes?

I'm getting a copy

of the book. There are about 20 copies of this book in the library and none of them were checked out. I’ll pick it up later today.

I'll try this

We should each pick a chapter.

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