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Move to New York City

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I have found three awesome rooms for rent...

with three awesome people (I think) that I’d like to live with. Unfortunately, I’m not going for another 9 months. I could almost afford to live in Manhattan if I do a share. All three of these rooms were with artistic, upbeat people who will accept my kitty. And they won’t credit-check me within an inch of my life. I hope this is a sign that there will be options like this out there when I’m ready to go!

I'm getting some maps.

I’ll keep them around, not just to study the city, but as motivation and focus tools. I found the StreetWise and Artwise series at B&N. They also have a basic but very detailed city map. I’m going to get them when I get paid next week.

Research for this week...

I looked at apartments and found that I love Brooklyn for the price. I like Williamsburg after checking out the crime rates and developing arts community. I found some sweet lofts & 1 bedrooms that I think we can afford and e’d them to my partner as a sample. I am so happy to learn that the L train runs pretty much around the clock, which is how an actor can get home after a hard night of rehearsal. Whoohoo! I feel a lot more secure in this move already.

Work on gaining knowledge every week for this!

I preparation for my relocation, I am going to research something at least once a week, whether it be rents, stuff I need, the job market – anything. It was only a little while ago I had 13 months to get it all done, but now I have less than a year. Yikes, again!

Now it's on THE LIST!

Many of you guys who know me know that this is a goal within a goal. I want to act and this is where I want to do it. I’m scared to death about earning a living upon arriving while trying to get an agent and breaking into the theater scene. It looks like I may be going it alone, which freaks me out a little, but I’ve done a lot of surviving on my own, so I think I’ll do just fine. I need to get rid of a lot of stuff, time the selling of my car perfectly, and find a place for me and my two kitties. My plan is to leave at the end of the year, when my lease is up. It’s still 11 months away, but I’m losing so much sleep over it already. Yikes!

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