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This is going well ( touch wood)

I like this whole being organised thing. It’s better then I ever thought it would be. I don’t feel stressed or moody because we’re actually on time everywhere. I’m getting things done and not after a few months of it sitting there waiting to be done. I need my life to carry on like this.

So far, so good

Two days into the school week and everything is going good. I’ve been getting up at about 5 each morning for an early run. I then come home, tidy up, hang washing etc. After that comes shower time, get girls up, breakfast, girls dressed and off we toddle to school. I like this whole organised business. It makes me feel settled and calmer.

A new chapter of my life...

and this will requireca complete u turn in my organisational skills( in that i need to acquire some). I’m not in the least bit organised and i never have been but i want to be. I’m late everywhete. Even if i’m looking like i will be on time, i’ll do some random thing to make myself late, without really realising. I forget to do things, the washing basket is always full and i’m basicallyso laid back about things i may aswell be horizontal. The thing is i don’t want to be like this. I want to be fully functioning in this mad world and i think i can do that with a little organisation. I have two children, a partner, 3 pets, a house to run and now an impending full time job and a degree. I think this will require some military organisation.

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