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En mi clase de espanol para ontono de semestre, yo obtuvo una “A”. Pero, yo necessito mas practicar escribo y hablo en espanol ahora. Yo viajo de South America en cuatro meses. Ah! >< LOL

in school

Would you count Visual Basics programming and networking telecommunications as a new language???

I think so…


i went to thailand for 2 weeks this past janaury with a group from school. i went to satisfy one of my required courses and the itch to travel. loved it there although it was very humid and poluted. but i learned a little bit of the was fun… not that i know it fluently, but i know the few basics…

sawut dee ka – hello (if you are female)
tao rai ka – how much? (“)
khap kun ka – thank you (“)
lo dai mai ka – can you give me lower price? (“)

and stuff like that…_ yay! some day i will get this down!

need to expand my vocab

i know a little of japanese, korean, tagalog, and of course spanish. just the basics pretty much, but i want to expand my vocabulary for each…im in my 20s and its getting harder to remember..ah! i need to go to the different countries and just get a crash course on their language. hah.


right now im taking medical terminology in summer school. in order to know it, we have to understand where it came from and how it was originated which was greek then latin. as part of our homework, we have to memorize the greek alphabet and the suffixes and prefixes after.

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