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Travel to all 50 States


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Mid West

Traveled with the BF to the Mid West for part business (his business) and part pleasure. Didn’t think I was going to visit these 3 states this soon! LOL :)

1) California (Currently live here)
2) Nevada (multiple years visiting Vegas)
3) Oregon (1998)
4) Washington (1998)
5) Arizona (1990’s and 2011)
6) Illinois (2009)
7) Massachusetts (2009)
8) Rhode Island (2009)
9) Colorado (2010)
10) Missouri (2013)
11) Tennessee (2013)
12) Kansas (2013)
13) Arkansas (not sure if I should count this as I spent a few hours at Jonesboro but not sleep over night) (2013)


Just completed my first marathon in Anchorage, Alaska on June 23, 2012 for the Mayor’s Marathon and for the Leukemia & Lymphoma cause.

Next state… New Mexico hopefully in October for the Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival!

2 Trips planned for this year!

First one… June 23rd I will be running my first marathon in Anchorage, Alaska for a good cause!

Check out my fundraising page and support! :)

Second one… Canyoneering and backpacking in Utah around Zion and Bryce Canyons!


After 11 years from the last time I went with my parents to Grand Canyon, I finally revisited this place again, but this time a few friends. One of my friends have a friend that works down at the bottom of the Canyon in one of those ranches. What a hook up! We hiked 7 miles down to the ranch, stayed at a cabin for free, hiked around there, then hiked 10 (grueling, but extremely beautiful) miles up to the rim of the Canyon. —My biggest hike thus far and I can’t wait to go back here again…someday. =)


Another one down! Went for a 4 1/2 day weekend to Colorado and visited some family in Denver the end of January this year. We went to Vail Resort to enjoy the scenery and to snowboard! It was nice to not have to pay for accommodation or a lift ticket as my uncle spoils his guests. :) Colorado is a place I think I would love to move to, but until then…I am determined to make this an annual trip. Hopefully I could go for next summer…

So far:

1) California
2) Nevada
3) Oregon
4) Washington
5) Arizona
6) Illinois
7) Massachusetts
8) Rhode Island
9) Colorado
10) ...? Maybe North Carolina.

2 more down!

Just a couple weeks ago I took a looong 4 day weekend trip to Boston, MA and a daytrip to Rhode Island. It was fun and wish I had a little more time to check out Boston as it has sooooooo much history there!

8 states visited, 42 more to go!

Chicago, Ilinois

Finally I got myself out of California and visit another state! It’s a start… Chicago, Illinois is the 7th state I’ve visited and I had enjoyed my stay there.

6 down, 44 more to go… Yikes! :)

Next place to visit...

So after working at a real job, there’s not much time to really travel especially the way I want to travel and that is to really live and embrace the culture and meet and befriend the natives of that country—that takes time.

Oh well…the next best thing is to take a few days off at least every other month. After 8 months of pure work and nothing else…(ah…is this what real life is after college?...hmmm…) I finally decided to take a couple days off in mid-May. I definitely know I want to get out of town, but where to?

I’m considering of visiting the east coast for 4 days. Any particular place you viewers out there think I should go? I’m thinking perhaps Maine or Illinois or Florida…? I know it’s a pretty broad choice…but help me out please!? =)

So far...

1) California (of course i live there)
2) Oregon
3) Washington
4) Nevada
5) Arizona

6) Louisiana (hopefully, for a community service project)

I have yet to travel now that I am free from home. Yet, of course still stuck in school. But, at the end it will be worth while. Make money and travel.

For those who visited other states besides the ones I listed, let me know of any exciting/interesting facts about each state you think I should visit. =)


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