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go skinny dipping


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a palpable lack of sneakiness pervaded.

A friend of mine is illustrating children’s books while house-sitting on a tiny island off the coast of my already-small island home, and we navigated the treacherous seas between the two shores to spend the night in his crazy-cool mansion. We arrived late in the afternoon, after a frankly arduous sail, to discover that we had neglected to bring swimming suits, towels, or changes of clothing. So into the water we went, with a bravado born of desperation. The island curved out of sight in both directions, and not a soul came into view during the two or three hours we spent sunning and swimming and congratulating ourselves on our good fortune.
That was a good fucking day.

giggly adventures are the best kind

I guess there should be an “again” at the end of this goal, but. There’s isn’t.
I’ve only done this a few times, in the dark down by the creeks, or alongside the Delphina in the harbor. The first is worrisome because of the prevalence of horseshoe crabs (eek), and the second poses a definite risk of not being able to get back onboard, but it’s totally worth it. Swimming sans clothing is cold and comfortable and makes you feel more awake than you’ve ever been before. Hopefully now that the water’s getting warmer and people and cats are moving onboard the Delphina again, we can have more nekkid adventures.


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