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I’ve been waiting for this since my first Spanish class in, like, seventh grade, and I leave for Madrid on Friday. So overwhelmed, so happy, so scared of being unable to communicate. Forty eight hours until the adventure begins!


On my first day back at school, I visited the Study Abroad offices and collected a lot of both pamphlets and bad news. The college discontinued its program in Barcelona, which is where I wanted to go. Well, ok, I could get around that. But then, as I read more, it started to seem like the entire study abroad program consists of taking one, or maybe two, credits, and all of the classes are oriented around language or regional studies. And that’s just not what I’m interested in. The more I think about it, the more I think that what I really want is just to travel, and it would be cheaper and easier to just leave school and do a help exchange (or just get a job) in another country, rather than being involved in a program that, frankly, seems to have no upside.

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