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I am not sure when to cross this off

I don’t really know at what point I can say “I’m Done” I think that I have done a pretty good job since I made this goal last year, yet I definitely still have those passive aggressive habits. I think I will wait until I see what happens with my next issue with my roommates and how I react. If it is positive and confrontational without being bitchy I will check this off the list!

yeeeeah boi

I totally called out my friend the other day when she was being ridiculous. and by called out i mean i went to her room, asked to speak to her and told her how i felt about how she was acting and even though she totally closed down and wouldn’t talk about it i felt better because she knew how it affected me. :)

angry drunk?

My new friends have recently pointed out to me that whenever I am drunk I become much more confrontational. I will bring up something from earlier that day or days past that I didn’t like and say very nonchalantly, “yeah you were kinda a bitch when…”

I want to be able to tell them WHEN it happens, not need my liquid courage to do it.

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