starstuff in Sheffield is doing 43 things including…

Knit, sew or crochet 43 things

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starstuff has written 19 entries about this goal

This is one of those LOOK WHAT I DID! kind've projects

When I buy purple fabric, this tapestry will become a cushion.


I have been making flowers. This is one of them in my stripy thyme.

Yoda Hat

Hehe! Look what I found on Etsy while looking for project ideas. (I also found this baby with a rather resigned look in its face after being attacked by somebody’s crafting habit.)

Girl in the grass

Last year my dad’s wife gave me an embroidery pattern of a girl lying in the grass. It’s not the best, but I wanted to have a go and I modified the details along the way. I made the flowers blossom in 3D, taught myself a few new stitches (check out her perm!) and spent an incredible amount of time on the grass.

I finished it maybe three or four months ago.


I’m going to feel so good when I’ve done this goal :)


I’ve been secretly making things without any of your knowledge. This elephant is probably my favourite thing so far: it took me about three or four days but I think ze’s worth it.

So far I’ve crocheted:

0. A head (I’m not sure this counts as it didn’t go anywhere, but it was an important first attempt at any real thing and pushed me to try more)
1. An Easter chick
2. A hamster
3. Phoebe
4. An elephant
5. A puppy
6. A daffodil
7-8. Two bears for two girls who are in hospital
9. A sunflower for my dad’s birthday card
10-12. Roses
13. A pansy
16. A bouquet of crocheted flowers for my grandmother
17-?. Various squares

I have also done some embroidery:

1. A picture of an owl
2-4. Quotes
5. A copy of a cartoon
6. A banner that says YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL on it
7. The alphabet

24 things!!! When I started writing the list I thought Ahh, it won’t be that much at all. It feels like more because it takes so long. I’ll never make 43 things this year. I’ve made a good effort, I’ve tried, but I ought to relax and not do more than I can do and just let it peter into next year…

But no! 24 things is far more than I thought I’ve done. I feel strong and on schedule. I haven’t knitted anything yet (no scarves or socks) or sewn anything (no bags or clothes) but that will come soon enough.

One unexpected thing of doing embroidery is that I’ve had a renewed interest in drawing. Drawing is something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the confidence. My inner perfectionist bristles and growls every time I put pencil to paper. When you sew onto a mesh you can achieve a much more balanced look with anything you do, because you have to put your needles into holes which form a template of where you can or cannot go. That has helped, but I’ve been imagining (maybe because embroidering onto this mesh makes me think of primary school) that it would be good to sew something that looks like a child’s drawing.

That’s how I currently draw and it might actually look quite interesting in fabric and coloured silks!

Photographs of the other things I’ve made will come soon. I’ll scan the squares in I made too, right at the beginning… they were important and should be counted in this.


I was so proud of myself for making this that I thought I wouldn’t want to give it away, but after taking photographs I couldn’t wait to see Kristina’s reaction. She loved it and we called it Phoebe :)

Sneek preview

Aha! I’m excited about finding my camera because now I can show off what I’m doing. I’m so proud of it! This is a project I started last night and took this (rather blurry) shot before getting into bed. I have to finish it by tomorrow if I want to give it to Kristina as a surprise. I’m much faster at crocheting now but have saved writing about it until I could actually show you what I was doing. I’m really enjoying this goal although the embroidery is at a stand still I have to admit.

At the risk of sounding like Rolf Harris, can you tell what it is yet?

Psssst... look what I've made

Please note: the red comb, how the little wing goes up at the end and if you look closely you can see the reflection of my camera in one beady eye. This chick was looking quite cross and angry when I first made her at Easter but she seems to have cheered up a bit now :P

The little head on the big head

Remember a month ago when I couldn’t work out why my amigurumi head came out so huge? It’s because I was doing it American-style rather than British. Here is the normal head on the big head!

I haven’t written much about this goal because I wanted to find my camera and take photographs of what I’ve done. I’ve had to hide my excitement because I’ve created things!

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