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become a morning person.

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sort of!!

I’m more of a mornign person than I was and that’s enough for me!! I can get up when I want to provided I haven’t exhausted myself too much and I am able to get to the gym first hting if needs be!! I’ll never be a five thirty stater everytday but who cares, you have to go to bed early to do that!!!


to be at the gym for a 6:45. – If that ain’t being a morning prson I dom’t know whta is!!

PS was also singing and jogging in the class so I was a happy morning person too!!!

start again this week

tomorrow is another day!


Haven’t been up at 7 this week or been in work for 8:15 but I’m getting earlier! maybe next week…

i will do this ...

..starting tomorrow!

I read an article that said the best way to do this is to ensure you get up at the same time every day then going to bed at differnt time won’t affect you as much. Will be trying it tomorrow, up at seven in work for 8:15 – we’ll see!

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