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Out There

Well! I had a grilled shrimp sandwich thrust into my hands at work today, complete with avocado and cilantro. That’s a lot of things I’m not too familiar with, but following my new “I’ll put anything in my mouth” policy (hush), I dug in. It was a really weird flavor experience and I wouldn’t necessarily say I enjoyed it, but I finished it.

Long road ahead

Well, I’ve tried s’mores and sushi in the past few weeks, and warmed up to red onions somewhat. There are still a ton of foods out there that I need to try, though. Open to suggestions!


Shrimp and s’mores are still on there. But I’ve added a new food, specifically for 2010. This year, I learn to enjoy onions!

One bite at a time

Shrimp, and s’mores. I’ll focus on those as my next targets to try for now.

Hard to cover up

Recently had a conversation with a coworker about his wife’s stuffed bell peppers. Difficult to conceal the fact that I’m not big on bell peppers, and haven’t tried a large quantity of things.

Chickened out with Beef (see what I did there?)

I was out at the Bite of Seattle today, this huge food festival with many varied international dishes. Most of it was too crazy for me, but I thought about trying a lamb sandwich or a couple other slightly unusual dishes. But, I ended up going with a plain brisket sandwich from a barbecue place. Another time I guess.


Tried this really spicy salsa at a mexican place today, and then also a pure ginger beer. Was decidedly not a fan of either. Least now I know I don’t like them, though.

No, in a house

So I was playing a board game with some friends last night, and it came up in conversation that I’ve never had sushi…which is I guess a cardinal sin here? My companions were aghast; one asked me if I’ve been living under a rock. Is it truly that odd? I’m not one of those people that’s willing and eager to, “try anything once”. My culinary tastes are admittedly timid. Growing up, there wasn’t a ton of variety in the food I got, and I was never really pushed to try new things. Honestly, pepperoni pizza probably accounts for like a quarter of the meals I’ve eaten in my life. Now I’m all grown and my tastes are limited to fairly basic foods. I’m working on it though! Just at my own pace, as opportunities arise.

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